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Radiohead video filming distracting from Bush protest

I`m anoyyed that this band`s self-promoting rock video may wind up distracting attention away from our protest.
Does anyone know anything about this group and what their intentions might be tomorow?Are they political? Is this just some sort of stunt to garner free publicity for their band at our expense? Have any of the Bush protest organizers spoken with these people?
hail to the chimp 20.Aug.2003 23:53


radiohead are just the support act. michael jackson is actually headling. he's promoting his new album "hail to the chimp"

radiohead rumor 21.Aug.2003 00:16

Michael Powell

All this talk about Radiohead is BUNK!

I, Michael Powell, have arranged with JK Rowling to do a book signing of her newest Harry Potter masterpiece at Colombia Park. I suspect she may also reveal aspects of the plot of the next volume as well.

Rumors that Phil Knight has arranged for Kobe Bryant to appear at the park to have intercourse with young women are also false.