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An Urgent Message from Your Mayor

do not disgrace me!
You hooligans and hippies just better stay in your designated protest zone so that you are under control and no one will see you. We want the media to focus on the Big Visit; the protest should only be a two minute human interest blub, NOT the headline. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, pull the same crap you pulled last year when Bush was here. They showed clips of that ugly scene on CNN, for crying out loud! We do not want that kind of negative publicity for this Presidential visit. We should be honored that he chose our fine city for his campaign fundraiser. We need to inspire confidence in our community that our cops can control and contain the angry masses. Don't even think about pulling that shit you did the night after the war started. That was very embarrassing to me. You little criminals and Criticial Massers better not block those bridges and freeways again. Our city is not equipped to handle that kind of pandemonium. I mean, what would the President think if all you freaks start rioting in the streets, fucking everything up, making our police look like helpless idiots? The man is here to make money so that he can be re-elected. Let's help him out here. Just do as you are told and stay in your designated area. Do not embarrass me again. I mean it!
C'mon. Can't fool ME! 20.Aug.2003 21:26

Den Mark

C'mon, now. Can't fool ME! You're Mark Kroeker, right?

I won't tolerate any shenannigans! 20.Aug.2003 22:04

Vera Katz

Now you looky here, you crackpots! I will not tolerate any of your Merry Prankster antics! Stay away from downtown. Stay in your designated area. I especially DO NOT want you peaceniks and anarchists flooding the streets, blocking bridges, and engaging in sit ins at major intersections like you did in March. Nor do I want this to be a WTO-like fiasco. You pull that crap tomorrow and we'll be on CNN for sure. I repeat: NO FUNNY STUFF!

I like it like that 21.Aug.2003 09:26

Neil G.

You are so sexy when you got your dander up Mz. Kitty Katz. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.................I want you.

That DOES it! 21.Aug.2003 19:08

Vera Katz that.bitch@portland.com

I've heard ENOUGH! I'll clear this room!!!

Don't call me.
Portlad. I own the WHOLE thing. Yippee for me!