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Targeting the bottleneck.

An advocacy of an alternative approach to the location and efforts of protesting the visit of POTUS.
Do you really want to inconvenience POTUS?

A closed, paranoid mind is not going to be swayed by mere loud voices and banners. In fact, there is not much of anything other than money and the voices of the "powerful" and "incorporated" that will attract the attention of POTUS; therefore, if you want to make an impression, you need to inconvenience those people that POTUS does wish to hear - and take money from.

During POTUS's Oregon visit, the means to accomplish inconveniencing POTUS and his contributors and supporters is not to so much to affect our local situation as it is to keep POTUS from making it to his next engagement. Accomplishing this will not occur anywhere near the grounds of the University of Portland. The bottleneck for POTUS is PDX.

Approximately 800 people, strategically located at the following intersections, could effectively delay POTUS for hours. Potentially, 7/8 of those people would not come within 2 miles of POTUS's caravan but the 1/8 that did could be truly debilitating to POTUS's plans for the day.

NE 47th St. north of Columbia Blvd.
NE Alderwoodt north of Columbia Blvd.
NE 82nd Ave. over the top of the Columbia Slough.
NE Alderwood under I-205.
Airport Way, westbound only, ~1/4 west of the I-205 on-ramp.
Marine Drive west of I-205.
Marine Drive west of NE 33rd.
NE 33rd over the Columbia Slough.

Placing 100 people at each of these locations and, borrowing a page from the FlashMob folks ( http://www.flashmob.com/), maintaining communication via cell phones and advance scouts (prior to each location) the safety of the protestors could be increased and the inconvenience to the local population kept to a minimum by placing a road blockage only at the correct location − just prior to POTUS's caravan arriving. The other 7/8 of the protestors could certainly make themselves seen and heard in their respective locations while also remaining vigilant to any potential redirection of the caravan.

Has this idea been posited before? Probably, but it certainly has not been tried and stands to be at least as effective as previous approaches and has the potential to be even more effective since it actually has some impact on POTUS and his supporters rather than being a distracting noise that is soon forgotten.
additional tactic 20.Aug.2003 19:13


An additional tactic could be to borrow dozens of orange cones from construction sites from our friend's at PGE/Enron, secure orange vests and a roll of Police Tape and block intersections and divert Republican luncheonites in circles back onto freeways. Take the number of people Dash Landing described above and we could really easily Fuck up the entire event. The traffic diverters could be mobile, guerilla like in movements from intersection to intersection. And what crime would Portland's 'finest' create to cite one with? Obstruction of Republican's? An honorable crime. The yippies would be proud. Unite*Resist*Laugh...the junta is crumbling!

jam affects us, too 20.Aug.2003 22:51


except, this will also tie up those of us who are carpooling and bussing it to the protest. also, isn't bush coming in from the airport by helicopter?

Hah! Thanks for giving me a big chuckle 20.Aug.2003 23:33

Republican Re-Routers of America (RRA)

And that can be our battle cry at the beginning of the day: RRA!

That cracks me up big time! Route the bastards right back onto I-5 NORTH!!!!!! I will ahve sweet dreams about that tonight for sure.

Re the blocking of the motorcade by intersections .....sweet. Wish we had thought of that earlier.

Well, it's clear that we have to have a formidable response nationwide to the "free speech zone" oppression. And for Bush's next

I will tell you one thing.....we do need to confront the contributors to Bush's campaign. If only by sending them a letter. Interesting though..... A LOT of bush contributors from 2000 don't show up on FEC website. Oh, their names are there......but the image of the reporting form is "not uploaded to the system yet". Therefore.....no address available. Bastards. Of course. ALL of Dem candidates, including current dem presidential candidates' contributors for the last quarter are all uploaded and viewable. Gee.............wonder who sent the memo to the FEC to subvert that info on Bush contributors?

I say.....how fucking dare any person who lives and makes a living in Oregon support Bush and still call themselves a loyal Oregonian.