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Bush Protest at UofP

Does anybody know how far away from UofP law enforcement will be setting up a security perimeter?
security perimeter 20.Aug.2003 19:39


As of Wed night it sounds like Willamette Blvd between Olin and Portsmouth will be a "designated protest zone". Whatever the hell that is....

So the perimeter is probably the UP campus.

designation 20.Aug.2003 20:28


i think they mean they are gonna cage us in at a specific point.
yes they can do this.
i have actually participated in a protest where i had to pass a metal detector and enter a cage that was about a block long in front of the state house(different state) . its fucked up and if this is the case i say we do something to show them we will not be caged in....any takers?

Lions! 20.Aug.2003 22:00


We will be like the lions that roared. And we know what they do when the lions escape.

lions? 21.Aug.2003 09:45


shit everywhere, eat a giraffe, and have sex with other lions?