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Come on people - BUSH and greedy lunchers aren't coming to UP!!!

I have felt from the very beginning that this UP lunch thing was just a SHAM -- something to draw us AWAY from where Bush really will be.
How perfect really.........get all the evil dissenters and protesters up on a bluff way far away from the nuts and bolts of what makes this city move and groove........... (and not so very far from the Rivergate jail! LOL).

If the cops, etc. are sooooooo worried that things are going to get out of hand, then is there any worse place for a president to be situated (up on a bluff on a deadend penninsula)? I don't think the SS would approve of that location.

I will bet anyone $100 that this special republican lunch will take place in fucking Beaverton or Lake Oswego or something........some place soooooo damned far and removed from downtown and N. Portland......that frankly, I am embarrassed that we have fallen for it.

Fuck UofP. Even if Bush is going to be there.........the cops have us totally cornered and therefore we are at a huge disadvantage. They no doubt have busses arranged to cart us off to jail from looking wrong.

I say FUCK THIS.....FUCK playing by their sick, fascist rules.

Let's just take out protest some place else!!!

I mean really......do you really think they are going to ask all those deep pocket donors to deal with the traffic headache, or worse? I don't think so.

Now.......I can't figure out how they are letting their little repukes know where to go and when......but it probably isn't too hard to flash fax/email 300 people and tell them: Go to the Hyatt or Go to the Beaverton Shiloh or whatever.

This is a SHAM you guys......and it would be a very beautiful thing if we didn't fall for it. We need to import some cold war era Russians to teach us how to have underground communications!

I will say it again: even if BUSH does go to UP......so fucking what. He ain't gonna see us; and do we even care if he does? He will swing in there for 45 min max...and be out asap. Our campaign is to raise awareness to the PEOPLE not Bush.
Pittiful Portland Pigs 20.Aug.2003 19:01


Are cops born stupid, or is it part of their training. They must be pretty scared to be launching such a weak spamming attack.

Good Point... 20.Aug.2003 19:11

Sick of Status Quo...

While I would find it funny if he did pull a fast one like this, it would be because of the exact reasons you specify - Bush doesn't give two shits less what we say or think, unless we agree with him or add to his wealth or ego.

I took a couple hours crafting fine emails to the leaders of the Bush ADministration decrying the logic behind their war, suggesting alternatives and suggesting ways we can spur the economy and help the environemnt at the same time. Did I get anything beyond the standard email autoresponse? Fuck no.

I sent the same emails to Ron Wyden, and guess what? I got signed letters of response, addressing my concerns and thanking me for my input.

I sent them to Gordon Smith, and guess what? I got one letter thanking me for supporting a bill I was unfamiliar with. When I read the text of the bill, it supported exactly what I said we should nto support.

It is clear, politicians hear what they want, and nothing else for the most part. If you do get any inroads, it has to be with those who actually do listen, or by spreading the message in an alternative way. Signs in front of the University will really do nothing, mass media seldom gives protests any positive spin unless they are in an ingenious, positive and conducted in a non-threatening manner.

Ask yourself, how can I lodge my complaints, offer my suggestions in a way that will resonate with those in power? How can I get my message heard and not just laughed off? Will my form of protest give any suggestions as alternatives to the seemingly inevitable course of action?

And for goodness sake - educate yourself and vote your conscience, not for "lesser of evils" and "who is most likely to win or keep the most evil from winning". Maybe we need evil to win (Bush) so we can lose our fear of the worst case scenario (Bush) and truly feel free to speak, vote and support who we really agree with!

re: great point 20.Aug.2003 20:22


excellent! that was powerful man---i cant really say much other than that---thanks...!

RE Elleira 21.Aug.2003 02:08

Sick of Status Quo

Well, if your comment was addressed to me, thanks. :) If not, wow- look at the ego on that guy! (points at himself)

Hope if ya protest, you are with a group like the Code Pink group, or some similar movement. :)

yes tis for you 21.Aug.2003 07:25

elleira miriah25@hotmail.com

I actually live in spokane, so no i wont be hangin with any of them,---i was in the couve for a staunch of time, but came back home---i cant thank you enough for being as articulate as you were-----would you mind if i used that for our zine here in spokie? let me know.....