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Don't Let BUSH DOWN - Control the Protesters

BUSH has resolved policing brilliantly everywhere he has gone, Afghanistan is now a place to raise children. Iraq's now consider the USA to be a foster-parent. Now BUSH comes to Portland to take 'little-beriut' and turn it into little-baghdad. A place where men are men, and cops [ gi's] are in control.
You all MUST follow the directions.

Meet at the park, follow the yellow brick road to the next park, or perhaps walled section of Willamette Blvd.

Under NO circumstances shall any sheep, pidgeons, or ducks do their own thinking.

The PROTEST Leader's have been working for months with TEAM-BUSH to SHOW the WORLD that BUSH controls the streets of PORTLAND.

BUSH has gotten Baghdad under control, and now PORTLAND.


Do as your told.

STAY in THE PARK, STAY Together, stay out of downtown, Don't mess with the Traffic.

Stay invisible, stay away from the media, just stay home if you can,

BUSH's self image is at stake here!
support team bush 20.Aug.2003 18:30


And don't talk. Any necessary communication will come from the team bush operatives.

Message from Team Bush 20.Aug.2003 18:45

Only shared on a "need to know" basis...

Instead of protesting your Appointed Leader, my good young Republicans and Republicans-in-Denial-Calling yourselves Democrats, Greens or Anarchists, we have creative new ways to "protest" your leader's visit:

1. Chop down a tree - every tree not in a forest is one less tree to catch on fire. With no forests, we can have no forest fires!

2. Go buy everything you can find in stores - If you go buy anything and everything you can find, you will not only support the economy by giving stockpeople work to do, but you will give yourself a job - you have to pay your bills somehow! Why not follow the Administration's example of Willy Nilly Spending?

3. Start your own search for WMDs - You too can go to the desert and search for weapons of mass destruction. Those turning evidence of them in to the administration will be offered jobs as speechwriters for the administration. You can make a career of making Georgie look intellignet and articulate!

4. Mace a 10 month old - If you do this, you too can be seen as controlling an unruly corwd, like the police in Little Beirut "supposedly" did last year. Who told that little shit to crap his diapers anyway!