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Demonstrators will be kept far away from Bush and the top state Republicans, confined to quiet, tree-lined neighborhood streets.
Demonstrators will be kept far away from Bush and the top state Republicans, confined to quiet, tree-lined neighborhood streets.


So there you have it, if the so called 'protesters' or more politely SHEEP are correctly herded where they're supposed to be they'll be in the tree's and no one will see or hear them.

Certainly the organizers have played very well. Our 'leaders' are ABBAS, are CITY is Israel, and BUSH is SHARON.

We the people of PDX are palestinians, and the cops will treat us as such.

Don't let the cops tell you were to go, where to meet, or where to 'protest'.

Just do whatever - wherever.

There are only a 1,000 cops in PDX, that means that if there is ten sites at best they can only have 100 cops at each site,

Fucking PIGS 20.Aug.2003 17:50


Okay, that is the FIRST time in my entire life that I have ever used the term PIG in regard to the...well, PIGS!

I now know exactly what where the term came from.


Oh, and screw you Vera bitch!

who owns the streets? 20.Aug.2003 18:14


So they intend to block off the streets so that contributors to bu$h's campaign of terror can have a quiet ride to lunch, but protesters risk arrest by stepping off the sidewalk?! I agree, I have never before used the word PIGS - but I will now. Leave it to the PPD to escalate things before the protest has even begun.

Sorry I Can't Make It 20.Aug.2003 18:58

Chief Kroeker

I wil be busy scrubbing the barnacles off of Vera Katz's heinous and colossal ass. It is a HUGE job, so I will enlist the help of Officer Barnum, Officer Lee, Officer Kruger and several more of my most demented and inept Officers. We will be feeding the barnacles to Officer Rowley, since ass-barnacles help him keep his edge.

thanks for the enlightenment 20.Aug.2003 19:23

Officer Meyers

I always wondered why Vera waddled when she walked and why our hansome Cheif had that pronounced jawline; munching barnacles. And Rowley's flattop must be for scrubbing pimples off Lee's tattoed lard ass. Their internal corruptness is now clear. Wonder if they dress up in priate clothing?

----- 20.Aug.2003 20:45


Grow up. If you people put your very limit brain power towards a good cause you might actually achieve something... but that might require some direction in your lives and knowing who your parents were so they could have propery guided you!

Outsmart the cops 21.Aug.2003 02:46

Portland Ponderer

Who said protests must be near U of P to be seen? Who thinks Bush gives a shit what you think?

Think outside the box!

I kow who George II parents were 21.Aug.2003 03:14

two alcholics

Who raised an alchoholic son.

and a murderer