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A Press Conference was held this morning, August 19, 2003, just outside the perimeter of the University of Portland. UP authorities were gracious enough to invite participants, including broadcast media, to refrain from stepping foot on any campus property, lawns, parking lots, etc. So, the Conference was held on the sidewalk at the corner of N Williamette Boulevard and Portsmouth. Held up, that is, until after the groundskeepers found it necessary to mow that particular part of the campus at that particular time.
Cascadia Forest Alliance held this Press Conference to highlight the many problems that the Oregon Community has with the harmful initiatives of the Bush Administration. Leaders of the Forest Defense Community, The Peace Community, the Human Rights Community, and the Labor Community all made statements.
Earlier that morning Cascadia Forest Alliance had set up a temporary tree sit at that location in a majestic old Atlas Cedar tree, and were in plain sight of the Press Conference. During the Conference they dropped a banner stating "United Agaisnt Bush."
Introductions of the various speakers was conducted by Joe Keating of Oregon Wildlife Federation
Speakers in oder of appearance were: Lupin, of Cascadia Forest Alliance; Madelyn Elder of the Communication Workers of America and Oregon Jobs with Justice; Robbia from Portland Code Pink; Will Seaman, representing the Peace Community; and finally, last to speak was Dave Mazza, editor of the Portland Alliance, which has been banned from the campus by University of Portland.
After the Conference everyone walked over to greet the tree sitters as they descended from their perch. I understand that they were arrested once they hit the ground by PPD. Hopefully someone else who was there can post a report on the outcome of all that.
This file is about 25 minutes in length.
Portland Says No to Bush

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