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Surprise Treesit; Five arrested at University of Portland press conference

Today at the University Of Portland myself, some corporate media, and a few other indymedia journalists went out to cover the event. Before the press conference could start though the director of security for the University of Portland ordered that the lawn everyone was standing on were to move so it could be mowed. An interesting tactic if I do say so which bothered the hell out of the corporate media because after that they all had to cram onto the sidewalk, battling for space among themselves.

Five wonderful speeches were given to denounce George W. Bush and his visit to Oregon to promote his "healthy forest initiative." Among Them were CFA, PPRC, Code Pink, and the Portland Alliance to name a few. To our surprise, the Portland Police, and the University of Portland Security patrolling the area, a tree-sit was well underway. After the press conference a banner drop was held from a tree one block south of the main entrance to the University of Portland on N Portsmouth.

Police (ten officers in all including U of P security) began to tape off the area with crime scene tape to block off any pedestrian traffic from entering the immediate area around the tree-sit. Slowly but surely after it was announce the tree-sitters began to lower their belongings, bag after water bottle. Police then took their things and put them into their police cars.

[ photos ]

While waiting I decided to go film a few army soldiers I noticed that were walking west in a parking lot away from the tree-sit. As I got closer I watched them enter a building called the "Public Safety" building which made me wonder, so I moved to get in closer. I got right next to the building and started to film the sign on the wall of the building itself when the director of security (a large african american man) walked out of the building and told me I had to leave immediately. I then asked him why and he just answered with "you don't belong here" throwing his hands wildly in front of my camera while I was taping him in the process of walking away.

Following me off the landing area I asked the director why I couldn't be around what seemed to be a public building. The director just answered back with, "get off the property or you will be arrested for trespassing."

I crossed the street and soon discovered that my battery for my camera was now dead. Now feeling like a fool that I didn't charge my camera I found some shade and started to watch the police go through the tree-sitters belongings from across the street.

A little while goes by and a tree-sitter is arrested. While police were in the process of doing that a tri-met bus was blocked in from it's normal route because of the crime scene tape that was put up. Ironically an ad for logging was on the side of the bus adding fuel to the flame as members of CFA and others took note.

After about twenty minutes two UPPS bike patrol officers by the names of officer Schinnerer and officer Kranyak came over to two young women and said that they were to be arrested for trespassing. When the two women asked how that could possibly be officer Schinnerer told them that, "look, you had been given a warning before not to be on the property and you violated that warning. I'm not going stand here and argue with you."

As it turns out the two women had not trespassed and pleaded with the officers that they had made a mistake. I personally can vouch for one of them who had arrived later into the tree-sit who had no warning and was not aware of any had been given.

Officer Shinnerer then said, "okay I will let you off with a warning" and them took off on his bike with is partner.

About ten minutes later just as the last of the three tree-sitters had came down from the tree officer Shinnerer, along with officer Kranyak, and officer Zajac of the Portland Police with his sergeant came back to inform the two women that they were now to be arrested.

This whole time mind you there are people all over the place walking to and from the campus without any warning or attention by police and/or security. It seems to this Indymedia reporter that they were singled out by the police.

Not giving their names the women were carted off and driven away by police while those supporting them cheered them on in solidarity reminding everyone there that Portland is ready to say no to bush.

Speaking of Idiots... 19.Aug.2003 17:50

Impeachment is for Liars

The KING of all idiots is coming to town. That's right, the big "W," pronounced DUH-bya.

Bush will be stumping for his forest initiative, pictured here.

Worth 1000 words...
Worth 1000 words...

Why don't you give all the information? 19.Aug.2003 19:34

A worried Oregonian ike_l@juno.com

The author of this article was quick to give us the names of the Portland Police officers but no where in this article did he give us the names of those young ladies that got arrested.

Holy Catholic Campus! 19.Aug.2003 21:21

Den Mark

The holy catholic church campus cops were harassing everybody & everything who touched even one holy blade of holy grass. I overheard a tv news camerawoman talking to her colleague. She had been threatened by a holy cop, after she merely walked onto a holy parking lot. The holy catholic church campus cops were total asinine jerks in their lies about the two peaceful young women trespassing on holy property. In over four decades of protesting, i've never witnessed lamer arrests. Those holy campus cops have something wrong with them, & the holy catholic church campus president does, too. I think the disease is called "fascism". A "university" which works so hard to quash dissent, not allowing The Alliance on the holy campus, roughing up petitioners on the holy campus, telling holy staff to shut up, after a student was murdered on that holy campus, is not a place of learning at all. I'm amazed that anyone would attend that venomous place. Today my disgust for the "University" of Portland was ratcheted way up. What a display of suppression of expression today. UofP makes me puke. No wonder vile republicans picked that campus, that very unholy place.

no names 19.Aug.2003 22:34


the author didn't give names b/c the people arrested didn't give their names to the cops

even if they did give their real names, i don't think anybody needs to know that except legal support, friends, and family
if i get arrested i sure as hell don't want my full legal name posted publicly on indymedia

U of P arrests 20.Aug.2003 11:58

Stu Sugarman blc@hevanet.com

Hi folks,

It looks like I'll be representing at least one of the 2 gals arrested at U of P on 8/19 for "trespassing." "Blank" wrote a great story about it, and I hope s/he will contact me. I also hope to be contacted by anyone else who saw the arrest or the U of P security guard's statements or anything leading up to that arrest.

I am also interested in getting witness names for the people in the tree sit. Please contact me!

Thanks, my number is 503.234.2694. My email is  blc@hevanet.com (put my name in caps in subject line so I don't miss it).


3430 se Belmont, #101

if you're tired of being harassed, please stop harassing others! 20.Aug.2003 14:35


"Those holy campus cops have something wrong with them, & the holy catholic church campus president does, too."

Since you seem to know oh so much about the holy catholic U of P, you probably know that the campus no longer HAS a president. Mr. Tyson was most likely the one who allowed our president to come to campus; however, he's no longer employed by UP and therefore is unable to own up to his responsibility.

Why do people seem to think that just because Bush is having a fundraiser at the Chiles Center that the "holy cops" the "holy grass," and the "holy catholic campus" are all responsible?

It if one follows your line of thinking, everyone who is an American citizen is hungry for oil, hungry for blood, likes to exploit third world countires, and enjoys bombing innocent people. I am assuming that if you were at UP and witnessed these events, that you were there to allow your voice to be heard...a "Not in my name" if you will.

Can you simply perhpas point the finger at the ones in upper administration responsible for allowing this fundraiser to take place? Is that impossible? How would you like it if a small child in Iraq blamed YOU for his family being bombed...surely, you are not responsible---it was a select few in our country who chose to go to war. Use the same logic here friend.

Please do NOT point a finger of blame on the holy grass, the holy cops, the holy students, the holy staff or anything else. And please DO NOT bring my dear friend Kate who was murdered at UP, in MY dorm into this. You obviously know close to nothing of the students at UP. Kate stood up and made her voice heard. She would be at the protest tomorrow if she were still alive. And I know that she would credit much of her learnings about social justice from some of her "holy teachers" at UP. I will be there tomorrow, and I intend to let me voice be heard---for both myself and for Kate.

Private vs. Public property 20.Aug.2003 19:59


It seems that the author does not know the difference between private and public property. The University of Portland is a private institution. The Public Saftey building that "seemed to be a public building" is in fact owned by the school. Just because the word "Public" is on the side of a building does not in fact make it public property.
The Director may or may not have had good reason for asking the author to leave, but regardless the property she was on was private, and the author could be held for trespassing if the author had not agreed to leave.

UPAlum 15.Feb.2007 18:48

Den Mark

Your holy UP "education" did not teach you to discern what somebody is actually saying. What a trite response. And by the way, i knew Kate, too. And the holy UP administration's behavior after her death was despicable. I despise UP!