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PNAC REVEALED - website clearinghouse!

Y'all -- we need to spread the word about a new website called www.pnacrevealed.com

It is a compendium of everything a person needs to know about the neo-conservative think-thank PNAC (Project for the New American Century) - the players, the White House, Bush policies, Ongoing War, how we ended up with a war in Iraq..... EVERYTHING all in one place.

Read this site - and pass it on!
This is the best compilation of information regarding the PNAC and the hijacking of the White House and this country.

The editor of the site says that if you ask 10 people on the streets if they know who the PNAC is, 9 out of 10 will say they never heard of them. And they are running this country! And few people are aware of it.

This site is the most readable information on the PNAC I have seen.

Please.....pass the word. The neo-cons were dismissed by the republican party for years as being "too fringe, too radical" and now the whole republican party is run by them.

We must educate the people about this fascist Straussian take over................. and this website is a darned good start.

I would LOVE to see the URL address scrawled, bannered, posted, spoken EVERYWHERE....... In fact, someone should make a sign for it for the Bush protests in Seattle and Portland.