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Carpools to Thursday's rally

Portland Says No to Bush is organizing carpools to the rally against Bush Thursday.
We want to make sure everyone can get to the rally on Thursday. We've organized some possible carpool sites. They are: NE- Hollywood Fred Meyer's, SE- Daily Grind, Outer NE- Gateway parking lot, Outer SE- Clackamas TC parking lot, Outer SW- Sunset Transit Center, Gresham- 8th&Kelley parking lot, SW Portland- Barbur Blvd. Fred Meyer's, NW Portland- Burnside Fred Meyer's.

These sites are tentative and depend on the availability of driver's and/or need for rides. Vancouver or other areas could be arranged as well. Please do not show up at a site expecting to get or give a ride. Contact us at the email  pdxcarpools@yahoo.com, and we'll inform you by tomorrow of availability.