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I think the best thing that we, as a group, can do when the police pull out their "Declaring an Emergency, leave the area" bullshit would be for ALL protestors (esp those in the front line) to TURN THEIR BACKS to the police.
I think the best thing that we, as a group, can do when the police pull out their "Declaring an Emergency, leave the area" bullshit would be for ALL protestors (esp those in the front line) to TURN THEIR BACKS to the police.

That way, nobody will get sprayed in the face. When the Riot Cops attempt to move the crowd, they will be striking and shooting (less lethal) at everyone's backs. Not only will that make them extremely liable for any injuries and violations of civil rights, it will also make them look like the IDIOTS that they are.

Also, if the cops DO take action and strike our backside, how can ANYONE dispute the fact that we are merely responding to the request to leave, but can't really move due to the large crowd.

Let's all take part in OPERATION BACKSIDE! See ya all at the protest, with my camcorder in hand...
a nice idea...in theory 19.Aug.2003 14:22


In theory, this works. But practically speaking, no one will be able to overcome their instinct for self preservation. Getting whacked over the head or shot with rubber bullets (or as Brian Schmauz calls them, "rubber sting balls") is bad enough when you see it coming. I doubt enough people would participate to make it meaningful.

At Any Protest, ALWAYS Watch your Back 19.Aug.2003 14:39


Wear ski goggles and bicycle helmets if you fear the cops will get violent. Cheap and ready riot gear for protestors.

im not turning around 19.Aug.2003 14:43


FUCK THAT SHIT!! im not sitting there letting the cops shoot me in the back. im going to fight them for every inch.

OPERATION BACKSIDE: Good Policy 19.Aug.2003 14:53

Justice Evans justiceforestevans@yahoo.com

If peaceful protesters standing strongly together and just being there brings the wrath of the police, turning your back to their orders, their eyes, their weapons, and their shouts will be a very effective tool for protection of self. It also creates an opportunity to pass on the symbolic message of remaining in place with your back to The Man.

The way the police choose to respond is out of the hands of the crowd at this moment. Bad things will likely happen, but in an effort to make a point, fear should be avoided. Perhaps the cops will realize that they are dealing with the backside of a crowd that can't do anything to the frontside of the protest, except protest. A rear facing group can do little advancing into a line of riot-geared police.

If somehow Operation Backside can be adopted by all protesters, then it will undoubtely work. Twenty-seven news helicopters overhead will surely capture the images of thousands of protesters facing away from police and remaining in place, maybe even capturing the brunt of unprovoked violence in the form of pepperspray and clubs. You can't deny video.

worked in san fran 19.Aug.2003 15:02


videos of protests in san francisco shows protesters regularly using this tactic. and you know what? IT WORKS. i've seen videos of those protesters, locked arms, backs to cops, all chanting in unison "please don't hurt us please don't hurt us" and, while the last thing i want to do is "ask" the cops not to hurt me, IT WORKED! it's great media, too, shows nonviolent people "begging for mercy" get brutalized if they do get out of hand.

plus, seems to me that as long as your back is to the cops, a mass mooning might be in order.

Good idea 19.Aug.2003 16:23


Weighing in with a positive on this idea...excellent symbolism!

A simple idea is the most genius 19.Aug.2003 19:57


Love it! This idea needs to be proclaimedat all protests. A demostration of nonviolence that the cameras can show. lets go!

How the Corporate Media Distorts 19.Aug.2003 19:59

Corporate in-house memo

Excerpt of an in-house memo from one of the three major American television networks, the corporate offices of his network in New York to the head of their television news division. Follow the link for more TV news memos.
(March 10)... .pro-Government rallies are to be given the fullest coverage... if anti-Government demonstrations are shown, it is desired to stress either a very small number of "eccentrics" or shots of social misfits; i.e., with beards, tattoos, physical deformities, etc. Pro-Government supporters should be seen as clean cut with as many well-groomed subjects as possible... .subjects should stress complete support for the President's programs and especially support for American military units en route to combat... also interviews with photogenic family members of participating GIs stressing loyalty and affection... American flags are always a good prop in the background...


operation backside 19.Aug.2003 20:15


I think that this is a GREAT idea. It's more about making a statement then to be afraid of the police. Let them try and shoot me in the back.....hopefully it will be on camera. How would that look? Also....I'm sure that the local stations will be there. I'm sure you'll see just as many " clean cut"..... whatever the hell that means.....looking people protesting at this one. Myself included!!!

not me 19.Aug.2003 21:40


i didn't write that above and i stand for what i wrote: im not turning my back on the cops.

better yet... 20.Aug.2003 00:39

goatlove pdximc@khephera.net

Better yet, start kissing someone next to you. Man, woman, whatever, just everyone embrace and start kissing each other. Screw turning your back to the cops; turn your face toward the amazing person next to you and take your time enjoying an intimate moment together.

Let the cops pepperspray that scene... it's almost as mediapathic as spraying babies.

EAT alot of beans and release some steam in unisence.. :) 22.Aug.2003 21:19


They have tear gas,, you give them natural gas,, lol.. imagine 1,000 protesotors letting it rip...