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Lonely Need Friends

Agent Provocateur needs pidgeons
I graduated from WSU last year at Pullman, and was hired by the Seattle FBI. They have me now in PDX field office.

For weeks I have been hanging out at Red&Black and PSU trying to make friends,

What's with this town?? Why can't an outsider get inside??

We at the FBI are at the point of only hiring beautiful young women, because they're the only one's that seem to get the time of day.

Even at Stump-Town Coffee we can't seem to get anyone interested in agent-provacateuring. If I don't have a event orchestrated soon I'll get transferred to Montgomery County.

Please be open to outsiders,
Would someone.... 19.Aug.2003 11:13


please compost this?

why 19.Aug.2003 12:30


why compost this, it makes as much sense as anyother post or article on this site.

no title 19.Aug.2003 13:19


have you tried the lewis & clark college campus yet? it's full of potential "pidgeons."

Youre welcome here at cfa 19.Aug.2003 18:59


Youre welcome here at cfa