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PPRC meeting @ 5pm Tue Aug 19th

. . . PPRC?s next general meeting will be held Tuesday evening August 20th at 5pm (note change of time) at Koinonia Houselocated on the Portland State University Campus at the corner of SW Broadway and Montgomery.

. . .Change of time will allow those at PPRC meeting to attend Medea Benjamin lecture next door in Smith Ballroom at 7pm.
. . .An important item on PPRC agenda this meeting is decision to acquire permits and stage a family friendy demonstration against Bush visit near the University of Portland campus.
. . . PPRC hosts a rally for peace with justice Every Friday at 5 pm at the southwest corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square followed by a PEACEFUL march through downtown Portland in liaison with city police and permitting authorities.

. . .This is a lively, informative and safe place to lend your voice, hoist a sign, and to bring family and friends.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pprc-news.org
phone: phone: 503 471 1535

*** CORRECTION *** PPRC meeting @ 5pm Tue Aug 19th (nineteenth) 19.Aug.2003 08:37


title is comment - sorry for any confusion

thanks glen 19.Aug.2003 09:00


thanks glen for not abandoning indymedia. i don't go to pprc rallies anymore because i forget about them, because they aren't posted like they use to be.

glen 19.Aug.2003 11:39

indy volunteer

I changed the the title, from "PPRC open meeting considers permits for Bush visit Aug 21" to "PPRC meeting @ 5pm Tue Aug 19th" so that this message will be more clear.

their web site says there is no permit 19.Aug.2003 12:33


They are supporting the Columbia Park event.


"PPRC Drops Plans for Permitted Bush Protest Event, Urges Support for Columbia Park Convergence and March to University of Portland Chiles Center"