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If Bush fakes us out and doesn't go to UP....Plan B

There is a chance that Herr Bush will fake us out and not even show up at UofP. In which case.....we have to have a RESPONSE to his cowardice......
it would be nice to have press releases or something to make sure the country knows what a cowardly wimp this guy is. He can't even FACE the people. In my 40 years, I have never known of a president who couldn't go anywhere without people protesting him. It really is unprecedented.

And it would be very wise for us to have a backup plan.


1. press releases about Bush hiding from "the people"

2. Chants at the protest about Bush hiding from the People.... Basically, turn it into an even to highlight bush's cowardice.

Add your ideas......
Take the Burnside Bridge again. All of us converge from different places! 18.Aug.2003 23:11


If he tries the stunt he pulled on his first visit 1 1/2 years ago I suggest straight on CD on the bridges. It really does not matter if we are near him, we will never be close enough. I suggest that we the people take a bridge (let the people of Portland know there is a resistance)

Take the Burnside Bridge..... 18.Aug.2003 23:32


That's a great idea!!

good thinking!!!

Cautious... 18.Aug.2003 23:48


Keep in mind it's really not a good idea to post a detailed plan of direct action. The po-po regularly monitor this site, and will shut down any action before it starts. Also, infiltrators and provacaturs will post shit like this to confuse us and screw things up, as well as to catch people doing illegal things. A rule of thumb for indymedia; great for ideas, not for actions (at least not the direct sort)!

then it is time to celebrate 19.Aug.2003 02:34


join a street party near you!

It would be just like the un-elected appointee, but how about the underling.? 19.Aug.2003 07:38


Hope, he is not that cowardly, face the music and let the music play on.

or 19.Aug.2003 08:48

another action

The main block of protesters could split up into several smaller blocks, and march in different directions. As the blocks go along, a couple people could stop and occupy each street corner, holding their sign (hopefully in a heavy traffic area). A few groups could bring banners and drop or hold them over the overpasses.

Actually, that might be a good thing to do anyway: the day of bush's visit, (and even these next two days before it) have people on overpasses advertising the protest.

why don't we meet at the peace camp? 19.Aug.2003 14:13


those people are hard working and deserve our support.

burnside bridge? bad idea 19.Aug.2003 16:55


I suspect you won't have much luck with the burnside bridge as a target. Somebody decided it was a good idea on March 20, too, and the cops were already waiting for us when we got there. It's pretty obvious and predictable, especially because it's been tried a few times before.

spread out 20.Aug.2003 10:30


OK I live a 10 minute walk from Columbia, so I know the lay of that area...

Can anyone tell me where in U of P Bush will be doing his luncher? Is he supposed to drive down Willamette to the campus? I ask because there is an entrance to the campus on Portsmouth. I think we could all do some good to make those donators as uncomfortable as possible.

Possibly some signs detailing exactly what $2000 could do for the common family in No-Po....

Possibly have people holding these signs while standing on street corners around the area (not just at Lombard & Willamette)

Possible corners to think about...

Lombard @ Woolsey Lobard & Fiske Lobard & Greely Lombard & Interstate

Anyway, I think the protest action can effect more people if we all spread out. People driving to the luncheon have to be coming from I-5 since the St. Johns bridge is closed. I would love to see folks with signs up and down Lombard from I-5 to Portsmouth on the corners shaking noisemakers and making sure that every car that passes sees you there.

I don't think making Bush uncomfortable is enough, we have to penetrate the psyche of people who want to fork over 2 grand to sustain his rein.

North Portland is my neighborhood, and my neighbors need to get fired up about thier social / political situation. Perhaps some of the residents will come talk to you if they see a few of you on the corner, and join in!!

If the protestors are seen as a loud blob at the park, the message is sent that we just want to make a rucuss.

My message is this:

SPREAD OUT !!! from I-5 down Lombard to Portsmouth st.

Look on www.expediamaps.com for intersections to occupy

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