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Medea Benjamin at PSU Ballroom Tuesday Aug 19th 7 p.m.

Code Pink Portland is proud to co-sponsor an evening with Medea Benjamin, Tuesday, August 19th at 6pm . PSU Smith Center Ballroom. Presented by the PSU Progressive Student Union. 6pm: video on Venezuela; 7pm: speakers program. Medea will report on her recent trip to Iraq and speak about the WTO, FTAA and other pressing issues.
Yes, Baby Bush is coming to Portland August 21 and Code Pink will be there to "greet" him along with thousands of other Portlanders. For information, send email to  info@codepinkportland.org. Attend an open pre-protest meeting Monday, August 18th at the Central Library, 6-9pm for organizing information. Purpose: getting ready for the A21 protest. Please help get the word out.