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Workers at state's largest dairy protest unjust firing

about a protest of unjust worker treatment and union busting
This is a little out dated, as teh event happened today, but it is an importand issue and I wanted to spread teh word. This information is taken directly from the United Farm Workers' web page.

Dozens of dairy workers employed by Threemile Canyon Farms will protest the unjust firing of fellow worker Daniel Sepulveda Monday outside of Boardman, Ore.

Sepulveda was allegedly fired for insubordination after a heated discussion between him and farm supervisor Shawn Francis. In a letter of termination Columbia River Dairy--part of Threemile Farms--accused Sepulveda of intentionally putting his foot under a moving truck tire so the farm supervisor was forced to run over it. Sepulveda denies the charge and believes the supervisor's action and the resulting injury was intentional. Sepulveda went to the hospital and is still experiencing pain three months later. Sepulveda says the reason he was fired because he has been working to organize a union at the dairy.

Dozens of workers will hold a 2 p.m. protest by Threemile Dairy in Boardman and then at 3:30 p.m. will travel in a car caravan to the busy intersection of Hwy. 395 and Les Schwab Rd. in Herminston, where they will organize a "human billboard" line--holding large placards for passing motorists to see.

Threemile Canyon Farms is one of Oregon's largest dairies. Located outside of Boardman, it was created with considerable state support, including $20 million in state Private Activity Bonds. The farm is owned in part by R.D. Offutt, one of the largest potato growers in the country.

Oregon OSHA, the state work safety agency, recently cited the dairy for a series of serious violations. Workers have also complained about the company's failure to pay wages that are due and other wage and hour violations. Sixty-nine workers have legal actions pending against the dairy.

Dairy workers have been organizing for the past seven months and have asked the Cesar Chavez-founded United Farm Workers of America to represent them. To date, however, the dairy has refused to negotiate.

The United Farm Workers is the largest farm worker union in the United States. The Washington office of the UFW is coordinating this campaign.

Who: Dozens of workers from the Threemile Dairies, including fired dairy worker Daniel Sepulveda, and UFW representatives.

What: Protesting the dairy's unjust firing of Daniel Sepulveda and continued mistreatment, employer threats and the unsafe working conditions Threemile Dairy workers are forced to endure.

When: 2 p.m., Monday, Aug. 18, 2003

Where: At 2 p.m. on Power Rd. near Threemile Dairy outside of Boardman, Ore.; 3:30 p.m. car caravan to Hwy. 395 and Les Schwab Rd (between Gennie Ave. and Beebe Ave.), in Hermiston, Oregon.
Three Mile Canyon 11.Sep.2003 20:29

Joel Chavez

What is happening now with the situation?