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Fox News reports Al-Queda claims responsibility for Blackout

Fox News reports Al-Queda claims responsibility for Blackout
From Fox News report:

On Monday, the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat ran a story saying a communiqué attributed to Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the blackout, saying that "the brigades of Abu Fahes Al Masri" had hit two main power plants supplying the eastern region of the United States and major U.S. and Canadian industrial cities.

The communiqué, reportedly posted on the Web site of the International Islamic Media Center (search) and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (search), assured that the operation "was carried out on the orders of Usama bin Laden to hit the pillars of the U.S. economy," as "a realization of bin Laden's promise to offer the Iraqi people a present."

The communiqué also said: "Let the criminal Bush and his gang know that the punishment is the result of the action ... the Americans lived a black day they will never forget.

"They lived a day of terror and fear ... a state of chaos and confusion where looting and pillaging rampaged the cities, just like the capital of the caliphate Baghdad, and Afghanistan and Palestine were. Let the American people take a sip from the same glass."

The statement outlined certain conditions Al Qaeda purportedly wanted met, including the release of all detainees held by the U.S. and for non-Muslim powers to leave the "land of the Muslims, including Jerusalem and Kashmir."

It noted that the event shut down nine nuclear reactors in New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Michigan and brought public transportation and banking transactions to a halt.

"We tell the people of Afghanistan and Kashmir that the gift of Sheikh Usama bin Laden is on its way to the White House."

High-ranking U.S. officials basically laughed at the idea Al Qaeda could be behind the blackout.

"I would take that one with a huge grain of salt," one official told Fox News.

The source added that there had been no indication, domestically or internationally, that Al Qaeda or anyone else intentionally triggered the power-grid collapse.

"It's probably a good PR stunt to put the idea out there that [Al Qaeda] could do that," terrorism expert Harvey Kushner told Fox News. "Certainly they're interested in having this type of capability, but they prefer, most certainly, a low-tech type of truck bombs, flying planes into buildings. They don't have this type of sophistication."

"Quite frankly," Kushner added, "I wouldn't lose any sleep from the possibility they could take down power grids and things like that."
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MSNBC report:

".....during an emergency conference call with senior officials at 5:30 p.m., the CIA "put on the radar" the possibility that there might have been some terrorist tampering. Informants and interrogations of terror suspects have led the CIA to believe that Al Qaeda is seeking to target power grids to produce just the widespread chaos witnessed Thursday afternoon, a senior administration official told NEWSWEEK. Last year the FBI concluded that terrorists are eagerly surveying weaknesses in power grids through Internet connections in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Pakistan. Even if they had no role in this episode, many worry that the Blackout of 2003 provided them with a perfect case study."

Fox and News an Oxymoron 19.Aug.2003 01:12

pay attention

You will not get "news" whatever that means these days, from any of the corporate sources, let alone Fox. Just a few years ago, Fox was known for telling us the "news" about what interesting new seasons our replacement-life tv shows were bringing us. Nowadays they inform us of our next subserviant behavior or our latest this-is-not-happening narcoleptic distraction. This blackout, like everything else since 9-11, is a mystery to all of us who live daily in the information blackout that has overwhelmed us since the mysterious circumstances surrounding that fateful attack. On the subject of that attack; Do you know why jets didn't scramble in time? Do you know why we don't know who made the put option stock transactions hours before the attack? I don't. I am asking.

Fox News Reports and Compost Bin 19.Aug.2003 10:55

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