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PPRC Urges Support for Columbia Park Convergence

PPRC Drops Plans for Permitted Bush Protest Event, Urges Support for
Columbia Park Convergence and March to University of Portland Chiles Center
For Immediate Release

Event: PPRC Drops Plans for Permitted Rally and March, Urges Support for
Columbia Park Bush Protest
Date: Thursday, August 21st, 2003
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Place: Columbia Park, N. Lombard Street

PPRC Drops Plans for Permitted Bush Protest Event, Urges Support for
Columbia Park Convergence and March to University of Portland Chiles Center

The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition wishes to clarify to the local news
media and to the wider Portland community that it has dropped its plans for
a permitted "feeder march" to the Bush protest at the University of Portland
Chiles Center. "It's less than three days to Bush's visit and we still
haven't gotten an answer from the city," said Will Seaman, a PPRC volunteer.
"There's an action already planned for Columbia Park, so we see little
reason to do anything but help promote a broad turnout for that rally and

Seaman said that the permit application was a routine process that the PPRC
initiated when it was still unclear what was being planned for the Bush
visit. "We didn't expect to read about our application in Monday morning's
newspaper," said Seaman, "and that's forced us to make a quick decision
about whether to go ahead with our plans for a feeder march." Seaman said
it was an easy decision to scrap the plans for a separate march as the
Columbia Park protest planning came together over the last week. "The
organizers of the Columbia Park protest march have taken the lead on
Thursday's protest, and we're very grateful to be joining with the actions
they have planned for Bush's visit," said Seaman.

The "Portland Says NO to Bush" convergence and march starts at 10:00 a.m. at
Columbia Park at N. Lombard Street and N. Woolsey Avenue. (Trimet Bus #75
or Bus #40.) The march to the Chiles Center on the University of Portland
campus is set to start at 10:00 a.m.. The "Portland Says NO to Bush on
August 21" group is a coalition of community organizers involved in labor,
anti-war, environmental, and student organizing. While organizers of the
demonstration belong and are accountable to a variety of organizations (such
as Jobs With Justice, Rose City Copwatch, IWW, Code Pink, Student Activist
Alliance, Earth First, CBLOC, Jews for Global Justice, NW RAGE, and other
groups) they are not delegates or representatives of those groups
??? 18.Aug.2003 22:20


So, are you saying that your organization filed for an application to hold some other march at some other place or time and that the City of Portland has not granted or denied it? And you are therefore joining with the Columbia Park March?

You've omitted the crucial foundation for this announcements. Some of us don't even bother to read the Oregonian...... (why waste one's time?)

Can you please specify? Because I can't tell if the march at Columbia Park is without a permit or not......and that's a pretty important element of the whole thing. (Cause if we don't have one simply because the City of Portland won't grant it --- then we need to file a lawsuit a.s.a.p. to force the City to serve its citizens)

Bill of Rights Permit 19.Aug.2003 09:12

Den Mark

Columbia Park action is not permitted, as a permit was not applied for. The Bill of Rights is permit enuf.

Cool. the more the merrier 19.Aug.2003 13:44

Thanks for the clarification

Thanks, PPRC, for your contribution. we will all need to be out there thursday, doing what we can do. Of course the real changes will come about in our daily lives, as we learn to live more sustainably, as we struggle against the evils of capitalism, as we build community and treat each other well. But an event like this is an important symbolic confrontation, as well as an important time to clarify our beliefs and to struggle against the fascist state. See you on the streets.

We don't have a permit??? 19.Aug.2003 15:50


Oh my! Was that part of the CD plan to just do it without getting a permit?

That really sucks. Hell......it's so simple.......they announce a bush fundraiser conveniently located out of downtown and so very close to the jail in Rivergate. The city probably already contracted with trimet for busses to take us all by the bus load to the jail there.

Great............... I wish I had caught wind of permit-less march earlier.

Of course the bill of rights is permit enuf.....but cities can and do ask for a little organization in that regard.........

Well, our defense at our arraignments will be that the city had due notice of this.....just be judging from the newscasts warning the whole of St. John's about the upcoming march. Application or not.....the city had effective notice of it, and therefore we are acting within the permit ordinance through constructive notice.

Freedom is an Illusion 19.Aug.2003 20:56


Hey PDXer! PLEASE don't imply we need to beg city hall for our constitutional right to assemble freely, to petition our government (even when we have a fake "president" who won't talk to us and runs every time he sees us) for redress of grievances, and to freely express ourselves. Have you forgotten? City Hall is the friendly local face of the police state. Vera Katz allowed Kroeker to beat us up and pepper spray us last year on A22, as well as during all the recent anti-war protests. Why call them all out on us by seeking a permit? That only puts everyone in more jeopardy.

yeah, you're right.......PDXCitizen 20.Aug.2003 00:09


yeah.....you're right.

I just thought there was a permit in place. But good to know that there isn't.

I think the cops really were told to unleash on the protesters last year to scare people into NOT protesting in the future. Assholes.

Glad we will be getting a new mayor next year -- and we really should try to get someone from the peace movement to run......(first act: FIRE KROEKER!)