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Entire City of Phoenix Runs Low on Gasoline!

Forget the NE blackouts and forget the burning Iraq pipeline! Here are western intimations of the coming end of the petroleum age; Phoenix will be the first to go.
We have built our sprawling cities to be so vulnerable to any sort of problems with gasoline supply. Phoenix, one of the most fragile of our cities, is currently having trouble fueling the automobiles its sprawlapolis requires. We must make sure we continue to build Portland to be the opposite of Phoenix--we need human-friendly building codes, sensible density, the Urban Growth Boundary, MAX and trolley, bike and ped infrastructure. We won't have to run completely out of oil for the petroleum age to come to an end. Gas just needs to become expensive enough. There's no way to stop that from happening. And we sure don't have enough juice for 100+ million electric cars.


title: "Lack of gas stuns Valley, more shortages expected"

by Michael Chow/The Arizona Republic

subtitle: "Napolitano cuts trip short to cope with emergency"

Emily Bittner
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 18, 2003 12:00 AM

After days of skyrocketing gas prices, local drivers encountered more bad news at the pump Sunday:

No gas at all.

Hundreds of Valley gas stations ran out of fuel, leading to long lines and short fuses as anxious motorists searched for open stations with working pumps.

Industry officials say gas is being shipped to the Valley around the clock but shortages will continue until a pipeline that ruptured July 30 is reopened.

The weekend outages were much worse than expected, leading Gov. Janet Napolitano to cut short her trip to the National Governors Association Conference in Indianapolis and return to the Valley today to address the issue.

Industry officials could not say with certainty why the problem was so severe Sunday, which stations will have gas today or when the supply will be steady. ***

Well finally! 18.Aug.2003 21:08

Cycling as much as possible

Whoo hoo!

Up with Portland, Down with Pheonix 19.Aug.2003 07:27

Mass Transit Rider Who Loves Portland

Phoenix is a horribly implausible, hubristic city--dependant not just on oil piped in, but water too. It's built on a lie, and as long as Phoenix continues, people can fool themselves.

When it gets harder to maintain Phoenix lifestyle, the residents will scream for solutions. But there are none.

I love Portland. We've accomplished so much, relative to the rest of the country, to provide alternatives to automobiles. We need to do more, though, since maybe one or two generations from now automobiles won't be an alternative at all.

Progressive Portlanders Should Stop Driving 19.Aug.2003 07:32

Rose City Cyclist Exhorts You to Revolve!

Get on yer bikes, it's good for the city, it's good for the neighborhood, it's even good for you, and it's fun!!! Ring yer little bicycle bells, show that you don't need foreign wars for oil!!! Resolve to revolve! Love ya.