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Sign Making Party Monday

Sign Making Party Monday
Bring Sign making materials to the monday meeting tonight.

Bring cardboard, paint, pens, etc.

We'll be making signs and stuff outside the library after the meeting.

tolerance? 18.Aug.2003 15:26


would those wanting to make pro-Bush signs be welcome?

don't understand why you would want to be there.. 18.Aug.2003 15:29


You only want to be there to be antagonistic. So you will reep what you sow. Tolerant? Depends on how you treat me and your intentions.

are you psychic? 18.Aug.2003 15:37


Or how else could you possibly know my intentions?

Don't Be Fooled 18.Aug.2003 19:51


There is NOTHING honorable about GBF's intentions!

sign making for a bush protest 18.Aug.2003 20:31


Now what a weak way to start some shit. I know it's hot, but,-oh yeah I'm no mind reader either but I know yer a white male. Pro bush signs indeed. Lets see em what would they say? HE CONTROLS US REALLY WELL! PLAN MORE 911'S. LIE MORE THANX FOR LETTING US DIE OR ALMOST DIE MAKING YOU RICHER. maybe, THANX FOR THE OIL- I feel if I had more time I could come up with better ones, it's beginning to be fun I think I may do some pro bush signs. STARVE US MORE BUSH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

WARNING! 18.Aug.2003 21:37


beware of white male carrying pro bush sign!

to tired to think of a witty title. 18.Aug.2003 23:17


it's quite racist to assume that I'm white. I don't make any assumptions about your race, gender, or ethnicity just because of what you post here. just because of a political association, you derive facts? i believe that is stereotyping. i began this with a simple question: would the sign making party be tolerant to a person desiring to make a pro-bush sign. not to agitate or be agressive or disruptive. just to express his/her opinions. an answer of "no, this party is for anti-bush only, please make your own party" would have sufficed, but stooping to generic personal attacks is unwarrented.

when you generalize and stereotype all conservatives as the same, you are no better than those who you oppose. just as I know that all liberals are not alike, i would only ask the same in return.

nothing racist about it 18.Aug.2003 23:36


Some of us just like to play the odds. Odds are if you support Bush you're white. While assumptions are not often a good thing, they can be fun to test out once in a while. In any case, it is too bad you didn't get a more straightforward response. Maybe next time? Oh, and don't forget to avoid dichotomous thinking, it's just as bad as making assumptions and many people would be insulted if you labeled them conservative or liberal (not too mention all those who label themselves as such but have no adherence to the philosophies, like most politicians). Oh, and one more thing, if you were truly a conservative you wouldn't be supporting Bush, whose agenda and policies have been the antithesis of conservatism (in the traditional and classic senses). You sound like you're just a republican, but feel free to correct me if that assumption is wrong.

Under the Big Tent 19.Aug.2003 01:14


Well, I'm sure non-supporters of bu$h will be freely moving in and out of the tax-cut kickback shakedown at the Chiles Center at their leisure...I see no reason why the pro-bu$her can't hang out with the enlightened and make a sign. Let the pro-bu$her signmaker in, I say!

No Liberal Here 19.Aug.2003 08:14


You likewise assume,GBF, that I do not know you but that is where you are mistaken.We have, in fact,met in a previous life or was that your evil twin.Are you standing before us today denying that you are a white conservative male?Are you not comfortable with your identity?Are your beliefs in the system beginning to wane?Are you starting to doubt our dysfunctional,capitalistic government and the other unchosen white male who is due to appear in our city within the next two days? Come join us on Thursday,walk amongst us,allow us to show you the error of your ways.

Why should you be welcomed 19.Aug.2003 13:23

welcoming party

If you want to show up fine GBF, though I don't why you'd want to. I'm not sure what you mean by "would a bush supporter be tolerated" if you mean not beaten up than yes, if you mean that they would be made to feel welcome than no, and neither should they. You wouldn't expect a pro-choicer to show up at an anti-abortion sign making party and expect to be treated with respect, so neither should a Bush supporter expect any different at an anti-Bush party. If you want to go you could, but you'd just become a subject of ridicule for the other people there.

bush and supporters not welcome, but treated with nonviolence 19.Aug.2003 14:25


right guys?

Don't feed the cyberwankers - 19.Aug.2003 16:12


It will only encourage and excite them. Ignore them, but take heart from the fact that if chimpie wasn't in trouble, they wouldn't be here.

If He Follows Me Home Can I Keep Him? 19.Aug.2003 21:04


Oh but BK,the trolls make such cute and fun little pets to play with.I was actually thinking of taking GBF home with me to replace the one I use to have.