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Hardly the brightest bulb you never did see George Dubya Bush is coming back to Portland on August 21 almost a year to the day that he came to Portland last time. As he looks forward to his warm reception this time you can, now for the first time on cable TV, see what the welcome wagon looked like last year on the Video Collective's A22 protest video. Portland cable access will be showing the A22 and Day X protest video six times between 08/16/2003 and 08/31/2003. Be sure to set your VCR (or a friend's) so you can tape it.

Here's the schedule:

Saturday08/16/2003Channel 2211:00pm
Wednesday08/20/2003Channel 2210:30pm
Friday08/22/2003Channel 2311:00pm
Sunday08/24/2003Channel 1112:00am
Thursday08/28/2003Channel 2311:30pm
Sunday08/31/2003Channel 1110:00pm

wow, 10:30 the night before the protest 16.Aug.2003 23:22

without cable

Anyone want to throw some parties, or know of some public places we can go to view this video? Great way to get prepared for police tactics, media deception, and the feelings of strength and unity we will all experience the next day.

Vancouverites? 18.Aug.2003 19:49


Anybody know if it is possible to get any of these channels, or programming, up here in vancouver?

couv channel 18.Aug.2003 20:48

vnc kid

if you have cable in vancouver it's chaneel 11, if not i don't think it is possible, kind of messed up if it is public access

how long? 18.Aug.2003 23:46

. enji@foojang.com

how long is it, so i know how long to set the recorder?


video length 18.Aug.2003 23:53

indy volunteer

If you want to get both pieces (and you should) set your VCR for an hour. I think A22 and Day X are both just under 30 minutes. Then feel free to view, copy, and distribute. I've already given several copies away, and it feels great.

How come... 20.Aug.2003 23:32


How come I have watched this on Sunday and on Wednesday and both times there has been no sound at all?

Upon Further Review... 21.Aug.2003 00:42

web surfer

How come they don't dissect the suspicious-looking video of the 1st WTC impact?