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Portland Police Arrest Sit-Lie Protesters

The Portland Police arrested approximately six protesters in front of City Hall at approximately 8:45 PM this evening for violation of Portland's Obstructions as Nuisances Ordinance. The protesters were arrested under new enforcement guidelines that went into effect last Tuesday.
The Portland Police arrested approximately six protesters in front of City Hall at approximately 8:45 PM this evening for violation of Portland's Obstructions as Nuisances Ordinance. The protesters were arrested under new enforcement guidelines that went into effect last Tuesday. The new guidelines altered certain exemptions in the previous set of guidelines. These exemption prevented enforcement of the ordinance against participant in a public event or anyone not sitting in the "through pedestrian zone of the sidewalk." Under the new guidelines the exemption for participation in an event is limited to event not lasting more than eight hours. Enforcement this evening and at a sit-in event held at noon earlier today suggests that the police are interpreting the new enforcement guidelines to mean that sitting on any portion of the sidewalk in the downtown area is now illegal. At no point during the noon time protest or this evening did protesters obstruct pedestrians attempting to pass on the sidewalk in front of City Hall.
Participants in the Portland Peace Camp report that the police cited the new enforcement guidelines when they raided and broke up the camp last Wednesday morning.

The new enforcement guidelines can be found at:http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/269838.shtml
The old enforcement guidelines and overage from enactment of the old guidelines last summer can be found at:http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2002/08/16507.shtml

arrestees need support 15.Aug.2003 23:35

little bird

I'm sure the arrestees would appreciate friendly faces to greet them when released. It is a safe bet they are being held at the Ministry of Love (so called justice center).

little bird told me so 16.Aug.2003 00:38


Excellent reference to Ministry of love, just remember that 2+2=4 no matter what the party says. WAR IS PEACE...FREEDOM IS SLAVERY...IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH...That's what they want us to know...Oh woe is us the lowly proletariats, shame we're so damned uneducated. Hehehe, little do THEY know...I'll never confess but to use of my crime of freedom of speech...Send the thought police, see if i give a rat's ass.

most are now out... 16.Aug.2003 05:05

little bird

but two will be spending the weekend in the pokey. I suppose you should stay tuned to IMC for more info. I'm going to take a nap now.

thanks for the support 16.Aug.2003 11:12


well, an interesting night was had by all at the ministry of love, after tender loving care from arresting officer lt. haunsperger and other officers of the ppb. gotta say though, leuitenant, that the flex cuffs were a little tight on more than one of us.

todd kurylowicz and gary (last name unknown) are being held until monday arraignments, as written above. mine is at 1:45 pm monday in the community court at the justice center and i believe the other four will also be there at that time. (a fifth arrestee, hoberto, was nowhere to be seen in the in-justice center or on the streets since friday and one can only assume he is also being held in custody until a monday visit with the judge.) i encourage all to attend the arraigments to show solidarity with the folks who are protesting this unconstitutional and illegitimate rule foisted upon the poor, homeless, and otherwise 'undesirable' of portland.

a vigorous challenge to this so-called 'law' is going to be mounted by the national lawyers guild, the newly-minted northwest center for constitutional rights, and others. we could use your continued support for this effort.

special props to the general defense committee (gdc) of the industrial workers of the world who had jail support representatives present outside the jail when those of us who were released came out the door just before 4am saturday morning. seeing your faces, your coffee, and a couple of handrolled smokes was a sheer joy to say the least.

two women in jail with us on unrelated charges were also delighted to see the gdc there, even though they were unaware until then that a massive protest of the sit-lie rule was underway. after a red-hot steaming cup of joe and rides home from the gdc, including a 6am trip by the methadone program for one, both promised to deliver sandwiches and soup to the peaceful vigil at city hall on saturday, once they got a little shut eye.

see y'all in the streets and on the sidewalks, where, despite massive crackdown by the cops, people are speaking and acting up louder than ever.

peace. (now for a little sleep...)

oregonian story 16.Aug.2003 11:16

for those who still pay attention to the whoregonian


Portland sidewalk protests lead to 6 arrests



One person was arrested and several others received warnings Friday outside Portland City Hall during a noontime protest of the city's tightened law against sitting on sidewalks. Five more people were arrested later Friday night.

Protesters gathered on City Hall's Fourth Avenue sidewalk to contest the city's increased enforcement of a controversial "obstructions-as-nuisance" ordinance on blocking sidewalks. Earlier in the week, police used the ordinance to shut down a 5-month-old peace camp.

The peace camp, which included homeless people and protesters against the war in Iraq, had evolved on the sidewalk near Terry Schrunk Plaza, just across Fourth Avenue from City Hall. On Wednesday, police picked up protesters' property, arrested three people, cleared others out, then power-washed the sidewalk.

Activists said police violated First Amendment rights to demonstrate peacefully and to protest the war.

Friday's follow-up protest started about noon. At the lunchtime peak, the peaceful protest filled much of the Fourth Avenue sidewalk. After a half-hour, police declared they would treat the protest scene as an authorized event.

Central Precinct Cmdr. Rosie Sizer said the decision granted an eight-hour exception allowing standing protesters to gather on the sidewalk in ways the ordinance otherwise would prohibit. Either way, she said, the exception prohibited sitting or reclining on the sidewalk.

During Friday's protest, Michael Ream, 20, who gave his hometown as Gaithersburg, Md., was arrested on a misdemeanor count of obstructing the sidewalk, police said. Ream had been lying across the sidewalk. When police asked him to change his position, he refused, police said.

Alan Graf, a Portland disabilities and civil rights lawyer, joined Friday's noontime scene by sitting with others along the east sidewalk of City Hall. He said he sought to support the rights of the peace campers and to call attention to what he saw as the discriminatory nature of the ordinance and its application by police.

"They pick and choose," Graf said, contending the ordinance is "mean, nasty, unconstitutional and inhumane."

About 8:30 p.m. Friday, police arrested five people outside City Hall, all of whom were sitting or lying on the sidewalk. Police said they refused to get up and move when asked.

They were charged with obstruction as a nuisance and interfering with an officer, police said.

What Do They Want? 16.Aug.2003 14:29


So what is the goal of this demonstration? To point out a prickle of fascism on the part of City Hall? Ha. You're kinda late, bub.

And that's why no one is joining this protest. There isn't any point to it. A point would mean a statement, with a request to the city council for redress of grievances.

And there is plenty to grieve.

The list for poverty housing at HAP is a couple of years long - if you happen to be disabled, only six months or so. The more damaged you are, the shorter the list. It's not a bad formula, it's just very few units have been funded / developed in the past decade.

If you need shelter tonight and call City Hall for help, they'd refer you to the Bureau of Housing and Community Development under Eric Sten. The liaison to BHCD is Eric Runkel at 503-823-3597 or  mrunkel@ci.portland.or.us. The bureaucrat in charge of shelter housing at BHCD is Heather Lyons at 823-2396 and  hlyons@ci.portland.or.us. She probably won't talk to you much, but will send you a piece of paper with a list of agencies on it. The city pays the agencies to provide the shelter. The largest shelter is Transition Projects  http://www.tprojects.org/ who provide shelter. You go down for an intake appointment - wait in a line for an hour, deal with a surly desk clerk, get forgotten or ignored a couple of times, then see some perky college intern who asks you a bunch of personal questions and then tells you she'll put you on a ten week waiting list. Call everyday to stay on the list! Be sure to keep a positive attitude!

While you call TPI, take a minute to call Anthony Lincoln, Vera Katz Policy Development Manager at 823-4277 and  alincoln@ci.portland.or.us. The Sit / Lie Ordinance was his idea. Call him everyday to tell him you're still homeless and sitting outside his window (BTW, the Mayor and crew are on the third floor, with windows facing SW and SE) waiting for him to get off his ass and fix this problem.

And call the Oregonian. And call the Tribune. And call Alan Graf. And call KGW. And call The Alliance. And call everyone you can get your phone to dial to and exclaim this city needs to provide more housing for the poor. We're still one of the richest, fattest, safest, whitest cities in the world. Now is the time to get digging.

The next option while you wait for TPI is down at the Salvation Army Harborlight Mission on 2nd and Burnside. I think it's $2 or $3 to sleep on the floor or a hard cot in a cafeteria with 50 or 60 other fools, most of them who've been kicked out of TPI for being fools.

And you can sleep on these cots for the duration until you get to the top of the HAP list. Succumbing to pneumonia, lice, crabs, infection and TB is probable considering the opportunity. You can shorten the wait to injury or death by skipping over the McLoughlin caves.


Billy, they don't like ya to be so free 16.Aug.2003 23:00


An 8-hour freedom of speech/association/expression time limit seems workable. I propose the following protest schedule, consisting of multiple, distinct 8-hour protests:

8am-4pm: Protest for Peace / Against wars of aggression
4pm-12am: Protest against capitalism
12am-8am: Protest chemtrails. (Since, well, chemtrails probably deserves the graveyard shift).

Happy camping. Don't let the sidewalk bugs bite.

What's the word? 18.Aug.2003 21:30


Anybody know what's going on with the activists in jail? Does the Peace Encampment live on?