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They are busting at city hall

arrests at city hall sit-in
That's right folks, the 'peace keeper of the Portland', read: Offal Rowley began the arrests once the main thrust of the protest dwindled. First they city declares the action as event, not to exceed 8 hrs, mind you, then when things die down a bit the more rabid fascist of the PPB move in to 'set things right'. Stay tuned for info as it comes in.

Resist as if your life depends on it, because it does.

wait for the news to leave then arrest when the general public isn't watching. 15.Aug.2003 16:12


The local news stations had come down and done their little blurbs about the protest and then left. Then the police bust people. You have to admit that the cops are better at manipulating the mass media than protesters.

Corporate Media and Cops 15.Aug.2003 16:29


The cops don't have to manipulate the corporate media, they're all in it together. It's a police state, made easy and convenient by the willingness of the masses to believe everything they see on tv. Call them on it every chance you get.

I witnessed police abuse of power 15.Aug.2003 17:47


As a follow up..I went to the sit in around 1:15 and spent about 45 minutes talking with others about the ordinance, etc., During that time the police began video taping us from about 3 feet away. They appeared to be intimidating as it wasn't necessary to get that close unless of course they couldn't zoom in on a mole from 6 feet away.

I went into City hall to get a copy of the press release of the "new" rules which took about 10 minutes. Upon exiting the building I was witness to the same police now grabbing peoples backpacks from the pavement and confiscating them into a van. The people were asking the police why they were stealing their things, and were visibly upset, justifiably. Please....this city needs attorneys to donate time to fight this abuse. I cannot imagine any legal standing that would allow police to confiscate a person's backpack without cause. Why not grab that Nordstrom bag from a women on the street corner, or a briefcase from a man in a suit. How can they be allowed to selectively intimidate, persecute and harrass people who are exercising their rights to free speech without consequence?

I was appalled by the abuse of authority I witnessed, and wonder what these people who already have so few resources can do.

Dear pix 17.Aug.2003 14:38


I was standing 3 feet from the backpack in question. It was not abondoned property. Officer Rowley stole the backpack from a camper in a deliberate act of harassment. There was no problem until Herr Rowley created one. I understand PPD officers get $40,000 per year starting pay. Officer Rowley must be in heaven.
I noticed a dweeb in a blue shirt complaining to the police a few minutes before this incedent. He must be an exec at Wells Fargo, or The Portland Business Alliance, or the Oregon Tax Research Group. Pick one. It probably doesn't matter.
This smarmy dweeb kind of orbited around city hall with a self-righteous smug smirk on his face. Very mature.