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Bush Visit Jail Support

The jail support phone number for the Bush visit protests is: (503) 234-4518
Bush Visit Jail Support
This is about being prepared for the unexpected, not about expecting the worst.

George W. Bush is a very unpopular man in the world over, and Oregon is no exception. When he arrives he should get a loud and spirited unwelcome party. Portlanders will likely take to the streets, with or without a permit. We are promoting a peaceful, if vocal protest, and conflict with the police is not our aim. We may encounter provocation from police, but it is up to us to decicde how to deal with it, We don't have to take the bait. However this is a time of crisis and high tension and the police may behave erratically.

If you witness arrests or are arrested, get to a payphone or borrow a cell phone and call this number:

Write this number on your body in permanant ink.

If you are arrested you will likely have limited access to a telephone. If you call the jail support number, we can pass messages on to your family, housemates, employer, and/or lawyer informing them of your situation. We are not lawyers ourselves, but we work with a members of the National Lawyers Guild to provide for defense, and civil litigation when needed. We also have volunteer drivers to provide rides home from jail at 4:am. You are not alone.

Remember that any calls made from custody may be monitered by the police.

In Solidarity, the General Defense Committe
of the Industrial Workers of the World

phone: phone: (503) 234-4518

you people rock! 15.Aug.2003 04:26


Thank you for organizing this. This is possibly a very needed network.

more info 20.Aug.2003 14:40

knowledge is power