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Die In to protest Bush VIsit, volunteers, clothing etc needed

Middle America has made it clear they do not care about dead Iraqis, and they will continue to support the Bush regime in everything it does. They do not see how this war applies to them, so they feel it is none of their business.
Well, there is at least one way the war applies to Bush's core supporters; there are hundreds of slain U.S. troops, Middle America's friends, family and neighbors. Read this post to see how we can reach the trailer parks and cul-de-sacs of this country.
Hundreds of folks needed to protest G. W. Bush's visit to Portland. We are protesting the war in Iraq in general, but also Bush's complete abandonment of the troops, the people or the U. S. A. and the world. Go to Powells on Sunday at 5pm if you are interested.

Middle America has proven to us that they just do not care about dead Iraqis, violated constitutions and a chief executive with a single digit IQ, but they do care (or at least think they care) about dead US troops. Fine, we can work with that.

We will dress in green clothing (camo is better) and duct tape the names of slain U.S. Soldiers to our chests, and stage a die-in at Bush's appearance. The news will show this graphic reminder to middle America that Bush is not just killing foreign people they will never meet, he is also killing their next door neighbors, friends and relatives. The troop names will be downloaded from the news wire the day of the protest. We estimate that around 280 troops will be dead in Iraq by the time Bush gets here, but it could be more and we may need many more bodies. Also, keep in mind that hundreds more troops are being crippled in Iraq as well.

True, our nation's losses are eclipsed by Iraq's, but we are trying to erode Bush's approval rating, and the people that approve of Bush simply do not care about Iraq's dead/crippled/violated citizens. They (claim to) care about ours though.

We need as many people (or manaquins, stuffed jumpsuits, whatever), we need as many green clothes (or white t-shirts that can be dyed olive green) and oreganizers. People from other activist organizations are encouraged to attend as well, we may be able to combine our die in with your march and wind up with twice as many people for both.

Military veterans (such as myself) are highly encouraged to attend! Even if you are not a regular activist, even if you are not even the protest type, we still need you!
Which Powells? 14.Aug.2003 14:09


Which one? Burnside/10th? or Hawthorne? where?

Sounds like a great idea, but... 14.Aug.2003 15:36


This sounds like an idea that I would like to take part in, but... is it going to be this Sunday, or on Thursday for Bush's visit.?

Do it both! 14.Aug.2003 16:27

countzero countzero@riseup.net

Do it both places.
I was involved with a die-in held by the Student Activist Alliance so if you want any advice contact me but its pretty straight foreward.
Heres some key points we found:
1. Publicize the hell out of this! Press releases, flyers, handouts etc.
2. If you need more help call a meeting on IMC.
3. Bring chalk to outline the bodies.
4. Call photogrophers, this is very photogenic.
5. Flowers! Flowers are awsome for die ins.
I there any way that you can get the same number of people as soldiers killed?
What about hypothetically doing this over a street, like when you were trying to block it? Nice media image huh?
good work, make it big

help i can help 15.Aug.2003 09:26

talisman talisman@riseup.net

i can help with press release.... also, I would love to participate in this event. This is more dramatic and i think will hit home to a lot of people who are sitting on their asses watching tv

which powells?

List of Fallen 15.Aug.2003 12:28


A list of fallen solders can be found at  http://www.defendamerica.mil/fallen.html Seems to be updated regularly as the sign I made for W's Bellevue visit last week is already outdated...though still 8 feet tall.