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Publicity working group report! Meeting on Tuesday!

This is the report back from the publicity working group and an announcment about the next meeting...
Please make this a feature, it's a tad bit important!
The publicity working group is a part of the collection of activists that is doing a majority ( as far as we know) of the work for the upcoming Bush Protest. We are informally known as the Columbia Park Group and have divided into working groups to more efficiantly deal with tasks. I am writing a report back for one of these working groups, the publicity group.
We are in charge of getting the word out about this protest and so far we have been pursuing this through getting a vast amount of flyers out to Portland and handing out quatersheets at large events such as concerts and speeches. There are also radio interviews and newspaper articles upcoming but these are being handled by media working group. There are also non-associated publicity work being done by people around town who have dropped banners, wheatpasted and spraypainted messages of resistance.
We as a group do not advocate or dis-advocate these activitys for leagal reasons but do what you can to spread the word!

If you are intrested in helping out with our group please come to our next meeting- Tuesday the 19th at Laurlhurst Park (next to the duck pond) at 5pm. We know that this is two days before the protest but in our mind these days are the most critical and besides we have meetings every other day. We are also sorry that we changed the date on people that already knew about this. Please keep in mind that this is just for publicity so please hold your stratagy, goal, ideoligy concerns and come to help us figure out how to flyer the whole town!

Our report back at this point is that we have made about 3000 flyers and distrubuted about 2500. We will try to get another 2000 within the next couple days. These cost and we are badly in need of funds/ free copying capabilitys! If you want flyers to put up than please stop by the Red and Black cafe and put up a stack that you can realisticly distribute, you can also pick up flyers or donate money at the Publicity meeting or the large meeting that is coming up (and will be posted).
Places that are already being flyered are as follows:

Burnside/Ankany (1st-39th)
Nw 23rd

Please help us fill in the obvious gaps! Post what other areas of town are being hit up and remember that all of the streets above are being posted on by only one or two people! We need help.

Also we are trying to pass out flyers at events like music shows, rallys and speeches. So grab a stack of flyers, a staple gun, a friend and help us make this protest amazing!


A few more things... 14.Aug.2003 14:04


A few more things:
We are asking if people could please call in too their local radio stations and hype up the Bush Protest just by making it a topic of conversation. This would be invaluable publicity work and only take a few minuetes of your time.
We are also asking people to please refrain from putting swastikas on flyers (two recent ones had a swastika for behind bush's head and a swastica in place of the H in bush) this is insensitive in that at first glance it could make the average person conect us with neo-nazis and the feelings that it arouses in people can not be predicted and can be very powerfull for people.
Two small add ons, but important ones.
Please come to the two meetings (monday and tuesday) and I hope to see you on the streets with thousands of other people.

make feature? 14.Aug.2003 17:03

activist portlandsaysnotobush@ziplip.com, stopbushaug21@poetic.com

IMC folx - can you make this part it's own feature ... or linked item at the top ...

We are asking if people could please call in too their local radio stations and hype up the Bush Protest just by making it a topic of conversation. This would be invaluable publicity work and only take a few minuetes of your time.

We hope this will help get the word out to folks who might be interested but aren't on the internet. Calling KBOO is great, but calling any radio stations is great, we needn't feel like we have to limit ourselves to only "friendly" audiences - you never know where you'll find kindred souls.

WE need to flier St. Johns! 16.Aug.2003 22:56

N. Portlander

Oh my.....we really need to get some fliers up in St. John's. How easy it will be for St. Johnners to come out.

AND I saw a tv news (KATU) piece where they are were talking to the homeowners along Columbia Park ...and really making it sound like some civil militia will be marching through their neighborhood. I am sure many folks are really freaked out. (Thank you KATU for scaring people, keeping with the Bush agenda to keep people freaked out!)

Anyways, I live in the area and I will go pick up some fliers on Tuesday and set about to get them posted in St. John's.

I also want to write out a special little info peace and deliver it to the homeowners by the Park to let them know that this is a very peaceful event. (Lord......I pray to God it is!) I will email you and see if you can give me some talking points.

Gosh.....I wonder how many people will come?!!! (I do worry that Bush made it a point to advertise his trips to Portland and Seattle more than a month ahead of time. I almost suspect it's a setup for some rather extensive free speech subversion tacts on the part of the police.

N Portland Against Bush + Kroker 19.Aug.2003 10:22


I am in N Portland by U of Portland, and would like to help flyer the park area to combat TV scare messages about Thursday. I would also like to flyer my area to help get people out to protest the supreme evil: The Bush Machine

No Bush 19.Aug.2003 14:09

Bear Snarky

No Bush --- Shave your pubes.