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Monday meeting to organize for A21

An open meeting will be held Monday evening at the Central Library downtown. Purpose: getting ready for the A21 protest. Please help get the word out.
pre-protest meeting:

MONDAY, August 18
6 pm - 9 pm
Central Library
801 SW 10th Ave
U.S. Bank Room (turn right immediately after entering front doors of library)

Discussion topics:

What we've planned so far, and why
Ways to plug in to the rally/march...
- carpooling,
- planning a sign making party somewhere,
- flyering...

More details to follow very soon.
MAKE FRONT PAGE Pleaz? 14.Aug.2003 13:56


Hey! maybe one of those Super funny, super cool, awsome sexy Indymedia people could put this on the front page.
yeay! hooray

The library??? 15.Aug.2003 20:34


Isnt the central library closed on Mondays??? can anyne else confirm this???

Library 16.Aug.2003 13:13


The last post is correct. the library is closed on Mondays. Is the US Bank room open on Mondays, or is it all closed?

Its open! 16.Aug.2003 15:39


we reserved the room so unless they lied to us then its open.
Please come to this meeting people!

i read it somewhere in the corporate media... 17.Aug.2003 00:37


i think i remember reading something about how the downtown library was reinstating monday hours. the article was mostly about how attendence was low due to people being used to the library being closed on monday, but the point is...THE CORPORATE MEDIA SAYS THE LIBRARY IS OPEN ON MONDAY, SO IT MUST BE TRUE!

Library is Open on Mondays 18.Aug.2003 09:09


I just headed over to the Multonomah County Library website, and sure enough, the Central Library is open on Mondays (9am - 9pm). So if you were planning to attend the organizational meeting, please go! Relevent Link: Central Library Hours & Address