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Revised A21 Flier & quartersheet: He Lied, They Died

Flier and quartersheet for rally
full page flier
full page flier
quarter sheet flier
quarter sheet flier
apologies to original artist...didn't see any news on pprc-news.org
This flyer is blanketing Hawthorne St. in Portland 14.Aug.2003 21:56

Texas slim (Ex-Texan)

Amazing flyer -- whoever the artist was is a genius.

I'm printing out a bunch more to hang and distribute other places around Portland.

Maybe a more printer friendly version 15.Aug.2003 15:46

Dire Wolf

" not so much black " 50 copies of this would take an entire cartrage of ink , what a waste and more time consuming, and time is one thing we don't have alot of. keep up the good work people.