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actions & protests a21 bush protests

Neighbors say "NO!" to property destruction! Press says "ssshhhh!"

What do the neighbors think? You wouldn't know because I can't find where any of the press has asked them. I've asked some folks in the 'hood, and none have heard anything about it.
So, the local public doesn't know about the protest. I'm talking about the people who will be along the path to UP from Columbia Park. If they knew, a great many would probably stay home from work that day to guard their properties from mischevious types.

Question: Doesn't the police dept. have a civic responsibility to advise the residents of University Park that 5,000 protesters will be walking through their neighborhoods a week from today???

to "Marc" or "Mr Pilot" 14.Aug.2003 11:32

republic of cascadia citizen

what property destruction? what are you talking about? yes, there will be thousands upon thousands of people to protest the white house Resident's visit to southern cascadia on august 21st. but these protestors will be from all walks of life, from all over the region, united by a single belief that Bush is a dangerous, lying, psychotic, blood and oil soaked international thug. the only individuals who will be harming the residents of the local community around U of P and their property will be the riot gear storm troopers who are supported by our tax dollars.

get a clue "Marc" or "Mr Pilot", the corporate whore media has sold you a pack of lies about "destructive" protestors. unless of course you are a member of the mainstream media, or law enforcement, in which case you are "just doing your job" to further the lies of the masters you serve.

see you all in the streets a21, supportive local residents and ALL!

Portland Says YES to neighborhood involvement 14.Aug.2003 11:39


Neighborhood associations are being contacted, and some of us are planning to canvass the University Park and surrounding neighborhoods this weekend to let people know that Bush will be causing problems in the area.

Hopefully, the police will remain calm, refrain from using chemical weapons, and the neighbors won't need to dig out that duct tape and plastic.

don't think the neighbors are as ignorant as you are 14.Aug.2003 11:39


People have no reason to fear for their property. If they wish to stay home than maybe it will be a good experience and education for them to see thousands of enthusiastic, cheerful protestors, to contrast what they've been fed by tv. As for the police, they not only do not have a civic responsibility, it is actually in their best interest to not inform people. If this really bothers you Mr. Pilot, why don't you call and complain. I would agree that the police should be talking to the residents, as should protestors, but my understanding is the word is getting out pretty quickly.

I can understand 14.Aug.2003 14:00

Mr. Pilots concerns

Considering the damage done to downtown businesses on the first night of the war protests. It's not the Bush protesters, it's the anarchists and gutter punks that like to gravitate toward these events and like to commit acts of vandalism.

Your Fear is Missplaced 14.Aug.2003 14:22

Patriot Act

The hotheads and cowardly traitors in the Portland Police Department represent the greatest threat. A broken window can be repaired far more easily than a cracked skull. Keep the violent criminals of the PPD in check if you are concerned about voilence and upholding the rule of law. If your only concern is about yourself and your stuff, then you are on your own.

McDonalds is a Far Greater Threat 14.Aug.2003 14:28


The garbage that McDonalds passes off as food is a far greater danger to your health and safety than the miniscule amount property damage that occasionally accompanies demonstrations. If you are worried about your safety, don't eat McSewage.

please educate each other 14.Aug.2003 16:40

usually peaceful anarcho

Not all anarchists believe in property destruction and not all those that destroy property are anarchists. Some anarchists choose it as a tactic to express dissent but I doubt any sincere anarchist would just destroy some random person's living dwellings.

Property destruction is usally aimed at deliberate targets. ie symbols of hell bent capitalism.

Anarchists are passionate about achieving a peacful existence where everyone is free from state oppression and all forces of domination and hierarchy.

Anarchism is not a black uniform nor does it go hand in hand with Punk rock. Some punks are anarchists and some angry young people embrace anarchism, and for good reason but this does not mean anarchism is all about mindless chaos and destruction.

When will people educate themselves on anarchism before they continue to assume the worst?

anarchy is civic responcibility 14.Aug.2003 18:53


True anarchy is seeing a need and filling it. The reason anarchy doesn't work in our society is we expect the government to take care of us. They quit doing that years ago. Anarchy is being responcible to a higher cause. It is not about property damage. The lack of education, a failure of our government schools, is what leads to this damage. Lead by example don't destroy.

hey there, genius 15.Aug.2003 19:17


Way to give your article a title that is not supported by its contents. If "the neighbors" don't know about the protest, then what prompted them to "say 'no' to property destruction," or did you just mean that in general people don't like having their property destroyed? (brilliant revelation, by the way) And since, as we can infer from the text of your piece, "the press" have not even made any contact with "the neighbors," how exactly did they "say 'SSSH'," or were they talking to someone else?

Maybe you should give those basic composition classes another shot.

PR problem 16.Aug.2003 15:43


Sounds like a PR probelm to me. Maybe the property owners need a little heads-up--maybe a face-to-face metting with the locals--before the masses descend on their neighborhoods. Or is that not the "anarchist way?"

UP Neighbor 20.Aug.2003 15:34


I am a resident of North Portland and live a few blocks from UP. This morning we recieved a flyer alerting us about the things that are going on tomarrow, and precations we should take. Thanks to whoever has published these flyers, this is a good thing because I'm sure some of my neighbors have no clue as to what is going on.
Let me note one thing. The flyer told us to remove debris such as bricks or pipes from our lawns (luckily I have neither). If there is going to be no threat to my property or the property of others/the university, why was this warning issued?