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Major Increase in Traffic Fines and Court Fees Looms Near...Stop It NOW!

The State Legislature is getting ready to try and pass a Bill (House Bill 2759), which would dramatically increase traffic fines, regular fines and raise court fees to you and I. It's not too late to stop it.....if enough people care enough about being screwed over by this new increase to help balance the budget. If passed it takes effect this year immediately on Sept. 1, 2003.
Salem, Oregon

In an ongoing effort to try and raise the revenue required to help balance the budget and add the fifth day back to the court system, the Oregon State Legislature has written House Bill 2759 which will dramatically increase traffic fines, regular criminal fines and court fees. The bill would also LIMIT the ability of a Judge to lower fines according to their discretion per case. That means that even if you have a perfect record....the Judge could ONLY lower your fine to 75% of the base fine. That is an increase from the current 50% of a whole 25% INCREASE! Do you really want this to happen in these hard economic times? Do you want your photo radar tickets to GO UP with this new Bill passing? They surely would!

Those who know me here know that I am an avid opponent of photo radar. After talking with State Senators about this issue, I surprising found they many of them ALSO are OPPONENTS of photo radar as well! The City of Portland is stubborn. The commander of the traffic division wants to make a point to the City becuase they would not give him his funds he wanted for his division. The photo radar tickets will keep going up...and up....while they still use the FLAWED and ERROR capable system they do.

It's time to be a citizen here....call your State Senators and urge them to vote NO on House Bill 2759...it's bad for citizens!

We have all of the contact information on our web site.. www.portlandpolice.net

or you can find your Senator contact information at www.leg.or.us

It's up to the people to stop this major attack on our wallets!

Let the people be heard.....let justice prevail and equal rights under the law for everyone.

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What prices are the fines? 14.Aug.2003 12:26

Indy Reader

What prices are the fines? What are they currently? What would they go up to?

Please provide basic information when posting articles - Thanks!

WHO CARES? 14.Aug.2003 16:02

Solid Gold

ok, so now you have to pay more of a fine if you are driving recklessly, endangering the lives of others cars, pedestrians, and bicyclist. well, my adivce would then be to drive the speed limit. i know when you are in a car, and all you have to do to go fast is push buttons and pull levers, it seems easy and fun. but remember, YOU'RE DRIVING A TWO TON CHUNK OF METAL AT LETHAL SPEEDS. i think people could perhaps spend their time pushing for more progressive causes.

A good cause...look at the whole picture. 14.Aug.2003 16:39

Dave editor@portlandpolice.net

Sold Gold, for one, it is hard endanger the life of a car...lol. Loved that part of your post, you gave me a good laugh. :-)

However, it is not for you to say what cause is good or what is not. You may have your opinion, but that's about it. What one person believes is important is just as important as what you believe is important. You have to look at the whole picture of this issue to understand how it affects you. For one, part of the bill would limit the judicial powers of a judge to lower fines, which is an attack on your right to a fair trial. Money becomes the issue, not the issue itself. Second, it's not just fines that would go up if the bill passes. Filing fees for appeals, for civil matters, for family law, for restraining orders, for diversion programs, etc....there's a whole lot more to the picture than just motorists.

For those who wish some of the more important issues of the bill such as fine increases, here are the major ones....


Class was new
A $300K $375K
B $200K $250K
C $100K $125K


Class was new
A $5K $6,250
B $2K $2,500
C $1K $1,250


Class was new
A $600 $720
B $300 $360
C $150 $180
D $75 $90

In addition, there would be NEW SURCHARGES to pay to the court each time you file a document. Fees range from $6-$300 depending on what you are filing.

To read the whole text of the House Bill 2759, log on to: www.leg.state.or.us

In hard economic times as these, the people do not a new bill that will force them to pay more for going to court. Base fines would be increased as shown for violations, including traffic. However, as you can see, there are many different areas under this bill designed to raise revenues dramatically. This is in addition to the new taxes that the legislation wants the citizens to pay soon to help balance the budget. This is a good cause to fight.

This is a good thing 31.Aug.2003 09:22


I have long thought that part of the solution to the rampant desregard for traffic laws was the fact that the fines were too low. It simply was not enough of a deterrant that it didn't really hurt to get caught. Too many offenders just thought it was no big deal. This is a good idea and the lawmakers have at last done a good thing. You should have to worry if you are breaking the law, and speeding, running lights and all the rest of it is the law. Yes people are going to complain, but that's because that liked the idea of doing whatever they liked and not having to pay much for getting caught. Perhaps now a few more will take the law and the rights of other who obey it it more seriously.

Wake up! 18.Sep.2003 22:37

Dave editor@portlandpolice.net

Uh...I don't know how many times I have to educate people here about the photo radar program, but the old argument of "if you don't speed you have nothing to worry about" is false in its entirety. The photo radar vans have and DO still operate in error quite a bit. Even if you are NOT SPEEDING, that machine can malfunction (technology), and bam...you've got a ticket....you poor little misguided man.