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Brewing up Revolution - Anarchist Brew Bloc

Anarchist Brew Bloc is a recently formed anti-capitalist, do-it-yourself oriented, group of locals interested in the art of brewing their own beer. Brew Bloc is organized communally; resources are shared in the task of fermenting a new brew by interested members. To partake in the process one only need devote their muscles and time. However, we are always in need of new supplies and as one becomes more devoted to the meetings, these are appropriated as needed. Donations are thankfully recieved but not necessarily required.
Meetings are organized so as to maximize learning of the time-staged processes. Meetings usually begin at noon on the weekends, but so far have been regualarly scheduled on an ad hoc basis depending on members convenience. Brew Bloc has its own mailing list at  pdxbrewbloc@lists.riseup.net. If interested visit  http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/pdxbrewbloc to sign up and find out more!

Our goal is to educate ourselves and others in the process of brewing beer (and Cider!), as well as to enable freeing ourselves from the corporate hierarchy and misplaced capital of large-scale beer production.

heh heh heh And it's cheaper!

Next meeting will be this Sunday, August 17th at 2362 SE 43rd just off of Division.
Look forward to your e-mails! See you there!

homepage: homepage: http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/pdxbrewbloc

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michael bunsen bunsen@riseup.net

brew Bloc graphic from the ACAN brochure