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corporate dominance

President of New Seasons at Red & Black NOW!

in a few minutes the informational meeting turns to an impromptu debate. come on over and tell brian rohter what you'd like to. there are only a few us of here.
come to the red and black now! some folks here don't understand why they're not wanted in our 'hood.
just a question 13.Aug.2003 21:38

people's member

I don't know enough about the politics and want ot know more so please someone answer my question without jumping on me...
what is the main problem with New Seasons?
i shop at People's on a regular basis, i am a member, but i also need items not available at People's --- chiefly meat for the non vegetarians in my household. I need a place where I can purchase free range chicken, non hormone filled beef etc. I can't force my older children to be vegs or vegan and I don't want them to ingest hormones etc. when they are at home. Currently I go out of my way to the Sellwood New Seasons. I dislike the Wild Oats stores. The atmoshpere is different at New Seasons.
Maybe there is someone out there with another suggestion for meat or other products that are not readily available at People's. I know that you can place special orders --- but when you have a family or large household things don't always run out at the right moment...
I belong to People's for reasons other than price or convenience. I think most People's members feel the same and are not about to bail because a new seasons goes in.
but, I am open to some education if there are other reasonable issues at stake...

atmosphere? 13.Aug.2003 22:22


i go in and out of natures to buy meat and nothing else when i need animal protein. we don't need a new huge store that has a pleasant atmostphere to satisfy our carnage needs. what spoiled american thought.

historically co-ops are going out of business when other stores plant themselves right next to them. this fact is in the recent flyer that the nonewseasons.org campaign put out that is written about in previous artikles here. there were also many comments to previous articles published here in which you can read opinions about the issue.

it is making me sad, the spoiled americans who think that more is being better. furthermore, people in this country think that competition is good. where i come from, farmers gather in a marketplace in a circle and people come to buy their goods. people don't put glossy papers with advertisements out trying to lure them to buy their goods. they mark their goods at fair prices so that they can feed their families and continue with their farms. they would not be making friends if they did this. selling food is something that people do because it is a necessity; people don't do it to make a profit. the inherent greed in capitalism is what i am against, and many people in this society don't understand that. since i have moved to oregon i have met some young people who understand this as well, but they say that they are not heard because they don't have the money nor the power. they are also not homeowners, and americans have a bias against renters they say, and i have been hearing such sentiment as well. my work here is rewarding but i miss my town in germany. the classism and greed does not exist to this extent. maybe it does with other big german cities, i'm sure it does, but i spent so many years, over 40, in a small town and don't understand how people in cities can become so heartless. i've been here in se portland for almost 7 years now, and i will be sad to see this big store move in right next to this little co-op which is no nice and has the plants on the roof even.

What is wrong with New Seasons 14.Aug.2003 00:32

SE PDX resident

First of all, as the poster above noted, New Seasons is wrong primarily because their business model is for-profit. That is, they are a capitalist enterprise. Besides the moral problems with capitalism, the system is, on a practical level, unsustainable. Capitalism requires unending growth for its survival; natural resources, in contrast, are limited in quantity. The earth, in other words, cannot sustain unending growth and cannot sustain capitalism. A good way to take care of your children is to practice sustainability so they have a world to grow old in, and teach them these ways of living.

Secondly, a New Seasons in the neighborhood will adversely affect People's, perhaps fatally. People's suffered a dip in sales when the Nature's (now Wild Oats) moved in, and doubtless will do so with New Seasons as well. Unfortunately, the economy is in worse shape now than it was then, and People's is in a more precarious position because of its debt load from its (beautiful expansion). Shopping at New Seasons for anything you can get at People's will hurt People's. Shopping less at People's because you might want to shop all in one stop will definitely hurt People's, too. And People's is using a food-for-people-not-for-profit sustainability model, which is what we need to encourage if we're going to survive.

As for the things your children want that they can't get at People's, I would simply draw the line. If they want to eat meat, they can acquire it themselves. You can tell them that you won't support their unhealthy and unsustainable habits, and that you are doing it out of love for them and for the world. Even hormone-free meat is taking a toll on the world. Grain grown for animal feed takes land out of production for people-food, and with starvation being a reality for many people, the choice is not merely irresponsible; it is taking a direct role in the malnutrition of others. That's an easy thing to ignore, I know, but we must not ignore it. One can definitely live solely on the food sold at People's and its farmers market and live well. You can also get much lower prices on food there by volunteering and upping your discount to as much as 19% off. New Seasons will not offer that to you.

I know that many People's shoppers are loyal to the store. Many, however, might not be. Non-members, without discounts, help to support the store, but they might certainly leave or come to People's much less if there is a shiny new big store nearby. It is sad but true I'm afraid. Most people are not making their choices based on sustainability; they are making them based on greed and consumerism. I applaud you for supporting People's and not taking that route. The world is save-able with more people like you!

Little Carnivores... 14.Aug.2003 03:55


Give them a bow and arrow and set them upon the squirrels in the park.

like it or not 14.Aug.2003 12:05

american consumer

New Seasons will locate on Division whether you like it or not. I'll drive my gas guzzler there whether you like it or not. I'll load up on meat and candy whether you like it or not. I'll throw all my bottles and cans into the garbage rather than recycling whether you like it or not. Grow up and stop pretending that it's your responsibility to save the world.

thanks for the good responses 14.Aug.2003 13:15

peoples member

Thank you for responding to my question.
You gave me some insights and I did go back and look up the earlier conversations as well.
see you at the coop.

american consumer 14.Aug.2003 17:35


dear american consumer,

i feel sorry for you. your karma will come back to you. you must be a very unhappy person.

may your tires be slashed.

We Should Protest All For Profit Companies 15.Aug.2003 14:40

SE PDX resident

This is not about a single grocery store (New Seasons), it is about protesting any institution that tries to make a profit. We need to stand up and fight Capitalism! Today it is a grocery store, tomorrow it may be a clothing store and the next it maybe a bookstore. We don't need any businesses that try to make pennies or dollars in SE!