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Event: August 23, 2003
Contact: Torrie Arnold (206) 953-9004
Photo ops: Myrtle Edward's Park and march afterwards


Protesters Demand the Truth, Shout Stop Bush

SEATTLE -There will be an organized protest in Myrtle Edward's Park on August 23rd at noon in opposition to the Bush Administration. The date holds significance as the day after Bush's planned area visit to Bellevue in a fundraising effort.
The event emphasizes what organizers believe to be a desire of a majority of Americans to express opposition to current presidential policies. Bush announced a formal end to the hostilities in May. Since that time the number of Americans killed in combat while in Iraq has been tallied at 57. Popular dissent to the administration that has been growing recently according to opinion polls.
Area organizers, many of whom planned the February 15th protest involving tens of thousands of people, hold that a majority of Americans are against the current administration. They state such protest is vital in bringing this to the attention of the country. The theme is centered on a premise that Americans need the truth, and they see the removal of Bush as necessary in achieving that goal. It is estimated that thousands will gather.
Where has all the black bloc gone? 24.Sep.2003 13:17


The protest and march sucked. It was tiny. There were hardly any people and a handful of black block.