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A Little Comic Relief: Fred Phelps to Picket Bob Hope's Memorial Service

Yes, that's right, Fred Phelps, well-known advisor to God (Whose will may be read at Phelps' site,  http://www.godhatesfags.com), will be bringing his "picketing ministry" to Bob Hope's memorial service on August 27.
You see, Mr. Hope was, as Rev. Phelps' informs us, a "fag-enabler." He continued to support the US military even after it had been "taken over by fags." But there's worse! In 1988, Bob Hope made a television public-service announcement on behalf of GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, in which he stated that anti-gay bigotry "has no place in this great nation." (You can read the entire frightening text of this dastardly production at  http://www.commercialcloset.org/cgi-bin/iowa/portrayals.html?record=794.)

Dear Bob: I didn't have much common ground with you while you were alive, but it seems we might have agreed on one or two things. I hope you're enjoying a pleasant round of golf, wherever you are.
For real? 13.Aug.2003 20:30


I just had a quick look at Phelps' website.
Is this guy for real?
It is so fundamentalist and hateful, it sounds like an overdone parody.
What a fucking idiot.

he's for real 16.Aug.2003 00:43

for more info

Check out the first season of the Awful Truth for the sodomy episode which features pastor Phelps and his supporters at their homosexual hating best.