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The police raided the peace encampment at 8:00 am. Three campers were arrested. Police blockaded the sidewalk with metal barricades and police tape.
Police say the obstruction as nuisance law changed at midnight and now a protest can last only 8 hours. Civil rights lawyer needed to fight the charges. Anyone?
Preparing it for Bush 13.Aug.2003 09:02


I think they are starting the work for the Bush visit. Probably the city is flooded with SS people looking around for the "Troublemakers". So keep your eyes open and if you happen to have a camera take a picture of the ones that dont fit in Portland and posted here. ( It will be good). Also it might be good to take pictures of the police around the camp and posted here so we can see the culprits.

Be strong


nothing to do with bush... 13.Aug.2003 09:23

it's all katz

vera katz hates poor people, homeless people, and perhaps most of all, people who have the gall to dissent against her iron-fisted control of the city.

she has been seething for months about the peace encampment and the fact that her hands were tied in terms of doing anything about them. arrests and intimidation have not worked, sending in the ppb thugs to steal property has not worked.

thus she has decided once again to change the law to suit her purposes. free speech is only valid for 8 hours in portland now. that's all you get to say anything against the new amerikan paradigm. perhaps its time to start wearing the star of david on our chests to signify the value that we have in this town in the eyes of katz, kroeker, and kimbrough (aka the new kkk of pdx).

the bitch...

Blocking the sidewalks is illegal? 13.Aug.2003 11:45


These people arrested the peace encampment activists for violating the "site/lie" ordinance, which was enacted to stop people from blocking sidewalks. What did they then do? They blocked the sidewalks themselves. What kind of bullpoop is that?

Maybe these guys can help 13.Aug.2003 12:33

it's just a thought

Did you think to call Jan Weston, David Zundel, or Xander Patterson for some assistance? Their expertise as police liaisons is well known. Chief Croaker himself awarded their efforts. Give 'em a call.

that last remark was fuckin' low 13.Aug.2003 13:57


That last remark was fuckin' low...but right on. Yup, I guess it's time to call in the big guns. Those PPRC peace police will get this taken care of quick. Chop chop.

First Amendment 13.Aug.2003 13:59

Voice of Freedom

8 hours to protest something in Portland. It is a good thing that the first amendment is still in the Constitution. I think I remeber something about peaceful assembly and I don't remember anything about a time limit. I think I will look at the Constitution again.

So picket lines and strikes? 13.Aug.2003 18:17

Joey Hill

So my picket line has to pack it up after eight hours? That's so silly. How long do you think this ordinance will last? Is there really a laywer in town who will take credit for penning this?

strike up the band 13.Aug.2003 18:29


is there still a loophole, like for labor picketing, that as long as the assembly is "moving" , even in a tight circle, there is no probable cause for obstructing and blocking?

City Council changed the law to get rid of the Peace Encampment 14.Aug.2003 09:24

This is democracy?

City council changed the enforcement guidelines of the sit/lie ordinance on August 11. The changed guidelines went into effect on August 12 at midnight. 8 hours later, as soon as legally possible, the police raided the camp, arrested people and confiscated property.

The newly penned enforcement guidelines would cover the restriction of pickets/demonstrations/gatherings of people for festivals (anything without a permit from the city that lasts for more than eight hours). This change was done secretly - there was no comment period and no notice given to the public. Believe it or not this is within their legal rulemaking power.

Changing laws to get rid of specific kinds of protest is unconstitutional and must be vigorously opposed. City Council and the police are fascists - beware. How many other laws have they changed without notice, comment or public knowledge? Standing up to defend the Peace Encampment is crucial to protecting the right to assemble and dissent in Portland. They may knock on your door next. I don't think it's an exaggeration to state that if we don't stand up now we may not be able to later.

Call the mayor and city council to express your disgust for this fascist assault on the civil rights of the citizens of Portland. (503) 823-4000

Michael - (503) 823-4125 can get you a copy of the new enforcement guidelines.

There is a sit in at the Peace Encampment at noon on Friday.

How about this 14.Aug.2003 12:22

Voice of Freedom

What if we gather some people to stay at the police encampment for a couple of hours for 24 hours. Thus the police cannot enforce the sit/lie ordinance because other people are using the peace encampment.