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Bring the Ruckus speaking tour in Portland, Oregon

Heather Ajani of Phoenix Ruckus (as well as Anarchist People of Color and Phoenix Copwatch) will be speaking in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, August 14th at 7 PM. Ajani, as well as Clayton Szczech of Portland Ruckus (and Rose City Copwatch) will be talking at the Ainsworth United Church of Christ, 2941 N.E. Ainsworth (near the #10 bus lines).

The Bring the Ruckus speaking tour Fight the Power, Build the Power has just finished several East Coast engagements where members of Ruckus (which is not associated with the Ruckus Society), discussed revolutionary strategy and revolutionary movements for the 21st Century. Confronting white supremacy, male supremacy and the state are the starting points of Ruckus politics.

Ajani and Szczech will address the political outlook of Bring the Ruckus and our current work. This is a dialogue, not a lecture. The event is free, all are welcome. Please bring questions, comments and your friends.
Members of Bring the Ruckus are veterans of anti-war organizing, police accountability and Copwatch organizing, workplace organizing as well as the anti-globalization movement, among other work. As well, they are writers for Earth First, Clamor, Z magazine and other journals of autonomist, anarchist and activist thought. We welcome anyone at this meeting who wishes to discuss the direction of our movements.

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address: address: 2941 NE Ainsworth, Portland, Oregon