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Hey, maybe we could include a copy of his performance review 13.Aug.2003 04:02


Just to certify that you're getting the gen-u-wine hero he really is.

I think there's still room on Mount Rushmore.

If you cannot read the review 13.Aug.2003 04:35


It's not so good. Everything marked "Not Observed"

In other words he wasn't there.

Desertion is one of the only Good things that Bush did 13.Aug.2003 06:25

Frag Your Commanding Officer

Its funny how these Liberals make a lot of noise about how Bush didn't "serve" during the Vietnam War--as if it would have been "honorable" to participate in yet another American war of aggression! Shows you how limited, pathetic, and phony Liberals are in terms of their supposed political "opposition."

Like Bill Clinton who tepidly opposed the Vietnam War, Bush's AWOL from the US military is one of the few smart things that he ever did, albeit for the wrong reasons. I recommend that all US military personnel emulate Bush and desert and defect from the American military as soon as possible. Better yet, follow the lead of Hasan Akbar and frag your commanding officier, as many US troops did during the Vietnam War.

er... 13.Aug.2003 09:41

done bin fragged

Actually, his cowardice wouldn't be so dishonorable if he hadn't gone on to lie about it, grounded the air force on 9/11, dressed up in a flyboy costume, or been selected as Commander in Thief. I believe this is a case of the commanding "officer" fragging US.

Thief in Chief 13.Aug.2003 21:56


I think Thief in Chief would be a better title for this "resident"