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9.11 investigation

Become a Portland 9-11 Truth Dot Protester during Bush's visit!

Members of the 9-11 Truth Alliance invite you to join in a unique protest against the "official story" of 9-11 during President Bush's upcoming August visit to Portland. We plan to create and hold up Truth Dots (see example included herein) in a peaceful demonstration against Bush, but we need bodies willing to build and hold signs. Help us raise public awareness and connect the dots!
Truth Dot example
Truth Dot example
The fundamental principle of investigations is qui bono, or "who benefits?" Seen in that light, it is clear that the events of 9-11-2001 have been been a windfall to those in power who wish to start resource-grabbing wars, terrorize a nation for political gain, or clamp down on the free expression of dissent. Yet for all its effect, and despite the fact that glaring contradictions and disturbing questions remain about that event, 9-11 has hardly been questioned in the mainstream media.

We in the 911 Truth Alliance mailing list* propose to raise awareness on the issues of 9-11 by confronting Bush at each of his campaign stops over the next year. We propose a peaceful demonstration consisting of volunteers holding large (30") brightly colored Truth Dots, containing questions such as the ones listed below. We invite the public to "start connecting the dots" for themselves.

- How did Flight 77, a Boeing 757 with a wingspan of 125 feet , create an initial opening no larger than 20 x 20 feet in the Pentagon and then almost completely vaporize? Where is the wreckage of the wings, or the tail section?

- Who placed 4,744 and 4,516 put options (bets that stock will fall) on United Airlines and American stock on September 6th and 7th, 2001?

- What was in Bush's 'President's Daily Briefing' of August 6th, 2001, titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike US"?

- Why did our Commander-In-Chief receive status updates, but issue no orders as four hijackings unfolded over a period of an hour and half?

- Why did Dale Watson of FBIHQ ignore the detailed warnings of agents Robert Wright (Chicago), Kenneth Williams (Phoenix), and Colleen Rowley (Minneapolis) regarding specific terrorists in the U.S.?

- Why were investigations of terrorism that led back to Saudi Arabia quashed, leading the FBI's expert on Al-Qaeda, John O'Neill, to quit the Bureau in August 2001?

- Why did Mohammed Atta receive $100,000 via wire from former ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad scant days before the attacks?

- Why was Flight 77 allowed to fly unmolested for 40 minutes after it was known to be a hijacking and one plane had already hit the WTC?

- Who has profited - militarily, economically, and politically - as a result of the deaths of 3000 American innocents?

- Why has everyone in a position of responsibility or culpability on 9-11 (General Myers, commander of Norad for instance) been promoted or non-investigated?

- Why is no one investigating the pipeline that Enron wanted built across Afghanistan in the summer of 2001?

- Why was the highly specific and damning memo from the Phoenix FBI office not acted upon?

If you would like to take part in this action, please contact Kurt L. at  truthdots@emailias.com. We plan to construct our dots this weekend, August 15-17th. The more dots the better!

*You can join the 911 truth alliance mailing list by sending an email to " 911truthalliance-subscribe@lists.riseup.net".

Who benefitted? 13.Aug.2003 03:55


"- Who has profited - militarily, economically, and politically - as a result of the deaths of 3000 American innocents?"

That's easy. The American Empire in general and the US Government in particular. And no, it is not merely the Bush Regime that is guilty.

outrageous conspiracy theories 13.Aug.2003 12:15


Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists

DOTS look GREAT !!! 13.Aug.2003 16:08

Barbara Honegger, originator of Truth DOTS idea bshonegg@nps.navy.mil

Your Truth DOT on the site looks GREAT !!!
And Questions, as well as Facts, work fine.
Don't forget to CONNECT the Truth Dots with
bright Yellow crepe paper streamers -- 'the'
action that will really sell it to TV.
Good Luck, and be sure to videotape it all
for all of us !!!

831 659-5668

first things first 13.Aug.2003 19:11

Bob Fleischer, Groton, MA

Before anyone can shift the blame from -- or even point the blame to -- the terrorists, one must identify the terrorists -- all of them, not just the ones on the planes.

We are far, far from that point.

Unfortunately, GWB and company have done all they can to impede the identification of all persons involved, unwitting as well as the terrorists.

9-11 Commemorations across the Globe 13.Aug.2003 22:02

Michael Kane mike_kane2003@yahoo.com

visit here...


...for info on 9-11 commemorations and actions ACROSS THE GLOBE.


: keep your ear to the ground

Peace Eternal

Why Were FBI Supervisors Promoted Instead of Fired? 14.Aug.2003 10:00

Connie Cook Smith

I recall that a TIME Magazine issue in December of 2002 commented that FBI supervisors who were involved in blocking warrants -- such as needed to investigate Moussaoui, etc. -- were promoted, given 30% bonuses, and issued Citations of Honor by the White House.

How could this be? And why didn't TIME do a major feature article on this information?

what about your hero Bill Cinton? 27.Aug.2003 07:39

Sam B

and when he could have gotten bin Laden in the Sudan and chose not to.