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Now is the time to start organizing for International Buy Nothing Christmas!

In just three months, corporate America will start its Christmas buying blitz krieg. A group of Canadian Mennonites have proposed that Buy Nothing Day be extended to cover the entire Christmas buying season.
Obviously, corporate America isn't paying attention. Buy Nothing Day, while successful in drawing attention to the corporate hi-jacking of Christmas, did nothing to stop the war in iraq and the continuing occupation and war crimes there. So now we need a direct action that will affect the time of year they are most vulnerable to direct actions-the christmas buying season which accounts for a hefty percentage of corporate America's revenues.

With Buy Nothing Christmas is not to imply LITERALLY buying nothing during that time-just only buying nothing from multinationals. Of course, traditional shopping can still be done through local, independently owned and operated businesses and collectives, etc. Just "Think globally but act locally" being especially applied during the Christmas season. This will be the time to send a LITERAL message of "Peace on earth, good will to all" to war-mongering corporate America-keep up the killing, and we'll kill your profits!

Let's start organizing now! International Buy Nothing Christmas(from corporate America) 2003!

homepage: homepage: http://www.buynothingchristmas.org/

Great Idea 12.Aug.2003 23:30


This is a great idea. I'll just go over to the Saturday Market and buy a few hand made gifts for my loved ones this year. I'd much rather support the local artisans than the global power mongers.

This approach is the most effective way to fight back. A boycott. It's great for a couple of reasons I can think of right away! First it's non violent. This was one of MLK's most effective non-violent tactics for change. Second it won't cost a thing!

More ideas along these lines are greatly appreciated!

Suggestion 13.Aug.2003 06:42

Edwin Murcheson

It's berry season! Pick a mess of berries, make 'em into preserves, and send jars to everyone you know. Nothing available in a store can match 'em for flavor and (if someone's got a canning rig...even if not they're cheap and can be had at thrift stores) they're pretty much free.

It's gotten so my folks back home are disappointed if they don't get some of my preserves every fall. Besides, would you rather burden your loved ones with more crap or nourish them with Oregon & Washington berries, the likes of which just don't happen elsewhere?

Seeking subjects to opine on "Buy Nothing Day" 18.Nov.2003 12:44

Clarice Keating clarice@eugene.com

I intend to write a story highlighting "Buy Nothing Day," Nov. 28, and was hoping to find Southwest Washington residents who could offer some thought on the subject.
Camas-Washougal residents preferred!
Please contact me ASAP. My deadline is Friday, Nov. 21.