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Game Pieces

The Game has opened! People vs. Bush will be played on the streets of North Portland.
None can play the game without the game pieces. Most protesters and most PoPo are not familiar with the Game Board (U of Portland), so here it is, players. The Overhead Photos and the Topo maps are from Microsoft's TerraServer at  http://terraserver-usa.com/


It might be useful to review the overhead photography for the open areas of the campus. One of these will be selected for the LZ (Landing Zone) for Marine One (Bush's helicopter). The LZ will probably be close to the Chiles Center (the Dome and rectangular earth-sheltered building next to it)

It might be useful to note the main streets, their names, and the location of Columbia Park in relation to the campus.

It might be useful to note the draw up the bluff that points right into the heart of the campus. Best seen on the Topo map, but visible on the overheads as well. There appears to be a vegetation canopy in draw.

It might be useful to mark the location of the fence on a map or photo when it is constructed.

It might be useful to establish a grid reference on the map or photos for use in event communications.

Enjoy the Game!
Faulty JPG's 12.Aug.2003 18:36


I apologize for the jpg's attached. They have been seriously cropped by either my computer or the IndyMedia server, I don't know which. Go to the TerraServer site and navigate to Portland and download the overhead photos and topographic maps again.

I have no idea why the attachments didn't load properly, and I have no clue as how to fix it.