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UPDATE Defeat Bush campaign Kickoff 2pm Aug 16th Smith Ballroom PSU

Celebrity speakers, workshops, networking and organizing for the single purpose of removing the Goerge W. Bush regime from office in the elections of 2004.
. . . DefeatBushNow! campaign's leadership includes Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, Democrats and anti-Bush Republicans working together to defeat George W. Bush in November 2004.
revised Aug 12th-------------------------------------

THERE ARE MANY OF US who simply can't wait until November 2004 to act against George W. Bush. We're tired of the lies, the shattered economy, the trampling of our civil liberties.

It's time to recognize that we can begin right now -- today! The Defeat Bush Now! campaign encourages all concerned Americans to Vote Three Times:

1. Cast your own vote against Bush
2. Find a Bush supporter and convince them to vote for another candidate
3. Register a new voter and convince them to vote for someone besides Bush.

The DEFEAT BUSH NOW! campaign has compiled a list of actions to get Bush out of the White House next year, and wants to share them with you, and give you the training to beat Bush.

Former State Rep. JoAnn Bowman, Alan Graf of the National Layyers Guildare, Dr. Christina Hulbe of Portland State University and Tom Hastings of the Oregon Peace Institute are keynote speakers in this multi-partisan effort.

DEFEAT BUSH NOW! is NOT a front organization for the Democratic Party. Campaign leadership includes Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, Democrats and anti Bush Republicans

Preliminary list of organizations with information tables includes
- Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
- Democratic Party
- Freedom Socialist Party
- Health Care for All
- Hollywood Neighbors for Peace
- Laughing Horse Books
- Libertarian Party
- Magickal Activists
- Pacific Green Party
- Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee
- Radical Women
- Rainbow Coalition
- Republicans For Impeachment

Come to our campaign kickoff at 2 pm, August 16th in SMITH BALLROOM - Portland State University, to learn more and participate in free workshops on persuasive speaking, voter registration, foreign policy and protecting our civil liberties.

Learn the many actions you can take right now.

MEDIA on DEADLINE phone Jeff 503 753 6896

homepage: homepage: http://www.DefeatBushNow.org
phone: phone: 503 450 9922

Nice 12.Aug.2003 17:03


This looks like great coalition building, and important.

But . . .

Since the congress that voted for the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, John Asscroft, etc., won't be cornered into doing impeachment proceedings, you really should start talking about replacing CONGRESS, not just Bush.

Because otherwise, you're cornered into electing Dean as your main action for building a coaltion, and it's back to the status quo of silent third world deaths all over the world under the Democrats.

We all want Bush out, but only one group amongst you will be deciding who goes in his place. The point of the Greens, Socialists, etc., is not to elect Democrats.

But if a coalition can be built, that's great. If it does, and Democrats sign onto things like Instant Runoff Voting (as they have in SF), then they can expect to get trashed by their own party leadership, or you'll see them backing out at the last minute and saying that it's too left, etc. Just be prepared. The Democrats are a huge and powerful party to have as a 'partner' in a coalition of parties and groups which are all volunteer. Keep track of who ends up on top in the end.

Anybody But Bush is a Poltiical Scam 13.Aug.2003 03:29


I agree with Fred. The issue is not about replacing Bush--as much as the Democratic Party symps. and hacks would have you believe--but to fundamentally change both American policy and ultimately the Imperialist American system which produces this policy to begin with.

All of this political noise about "Defeating Bush" misses this fundamental point. Anyone who tells you that the main issue should be to "defeat Bush" at any cost is a liar, hypocrite, and most likely political con arist of the first order. What these "Anybody But Bush" liars carefully forget to mention is this:


The phony 'War on Terrorism' and invasion of Afghanistan? Passed with overwhelming DEMOCRATIC PARTY support.

The Patriot Act? Passed with overwhelming DEMOCRATIC PARTY support.

Homeland Security Department? Passed with overwhelming DEMOCRATIC PARTY support. In fact, the idea for this department was first proposed NOT BY BUSH but by the Democrat Joseph Lieberman no less.

Invasion of Iraq? Passed with significant DEMOCRATIC PARTY support, which includes the support of Democrats in the Senate WHO PROVIDED THE NECESSARY POLITICAL MARGIN for the Congressional Resolution authorizing this invasion itself.

Defeat Bush?

No, defeat Fascist Americanism, regardless of what political mask it hides behind.

This is a "multi-partisan" event, not a Democratic front group 13.Aug.2003 17:41


To "Anarchy" and other critics -

We've heard you, and many of us are suspicious of the "anyone but Bush" argument as well. Obviously Lieberman isn't that much better, particularly since he seems hell-bent on being more hawkish than Bush for the sake of appearances.

None of the political parties/groups involved agree on everything, but their common ground includes the belief that Bush has to go ASAP. The Greens, Socialists, and Libertarians are not going to sacrifice their beliefs and criticisms of current American politics. However, they can work with the Democrats on projects like voter registration, education, and mobilization, as well as boycotts of Bush's corporate sponsors. They can also agree to jointly focus the majority of their criticism against Bush. This doesn't absolve the Dems of the way they've screwed up Congress & our country, but Bush is the immediate threat who can be dealt with. Reforming the entire American system is a much longer term project that many of us are dedicated to and will not give up due to a one-time alliance.

At the same time, we recognize that there are a helluva lot of people out there who will never vote for a Democratic candidate. Many Republicans (like my parents) would rather chew their arms off, but they will vote for a third party candidate rather than Bush. Many independents and third party supporters will also refuse to vote for any major party candidate. Working with the Dems can hopefully help them accept that fact, while still allowing them to try to register/convert voters to their cause.

As long as we cooperate to a certain extent, we could possibly remove Bush while each pursuing our goals and agendas. It's a delicate and untried idea in America's "winner take all" system, but that's the way most European parliamentary systems work. It's entirely possible that the whole experiment will turn into a fucked up mess, but I don't think that we've got anything to lose by trying it at least once.

http://screwthegovernment.com 23.Aug.2003 12:00

screw the government

We are fighting short attention spans and short term memory.
If the public could see a well documented and understandable timeline of the deceptions and frauds, support for Bush would probably fall to a level that would not permit recovery.
I think Scott Ritter's recent book "Frontier Justice" and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's "The war on freedom" both provide the kind of detailed compilation and documentation that the literate need for the art of argument and discussion. After that, it will take a lot of hard work in the pubs and water coolers to effect a transfer of information into the brains of the Lumpfen P.

Next Pres Vote Needs to Be Monitored for Fairness 31.Aug.2003 15:27

Judith P.

Just like Haiti or where there is a dictatorship, the coming election needs to be monitored and closely watched. Already in Oregon, they (Republican Senate)failed to pass the Money needed for the election pamphlet. Last election, many minorities did not get to vote or if they did their vote was not counted. Again they conveniently still have the punchcard type ballots in minority communities. I agree long term stategy is required, Florida was not an accident--Having a Bush in Florida and Texas was not an accident. If this Defeat Bush Now organization takes off, please devote time an effort not only in getting people to vote but that ftheir vote is counted.