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Unemployed Oil Workers Protest in Venezuela

Rubber bullets and tear gas were used by the National Guard to disperse a protest by unemployed oil workers in the eastern state of Anzoategui Thursday
About 200 protestors blocked a highway in the oil-rich state -- aiming to Block oil workers going to the Jose oil complex -- in protest of the state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, which laid off about 18,000 workers earlier this year. The jobless were said to be fighting to protect job quotas. Up to 10 people were injured and 26 were arrested, say Venezuelan media sources.

Two buses used to transport oil workers were lit on fire.

The eastern state has recently seen many protests by unemployed oil workers seeking jobs, including a similar incident on July 10, which left one dead, say media sources. The mass layoffs earlier this year were a result of a two-month general strike that has had crippling effects on the nation's economy.

YellowTimes.org correspondent Jeremy Le Page drafted this report.

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