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Communique from Iraq #2

A friend of a friend is a French aid worker, living in Iraq. Below is an email received from him. His name and aid organization have been removed because he fears retaliation for revealing his opinions from those in charge...

Read his last email at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/269364.shtml
I was unfortunately right in my last email... as you probably saw in the news,
people took the streets of Basra. Got pretty unsafe, and we were consigned two
full days in our hotels. A French NGO got attacked, and they were rescued at the
last moment by Iraqi police... fifteen minutes later, their building was fully
looted. They closed the mission and leave the country tomorrow. That's sad to
see that even aid workers get in trouble and can't achieve their goals. But
heat, poverty, anger and politics pull down common sense. It's getting harder
and harder to work, and just driving is dangerous. Today is quite calm, but last
night, some group shot at my hotel (I didn't even hear it!!! but I saw the
stigmatas on the walls this morning in the lobby).
US AID suspended its operations, and at least four other NGOs are taking a break
for few days... or more.
Not good times down here, but at least we've had a little bit more electricity
in the past 2 days, and fuel is available in petrol stations... Hope this will
Other problem is that mollahs took this opportunity to exacerbate anger to
follow their own political agenda... and of course it works...
Once again, the war on terror benefits the islamists, i.e. more terror. Well
Take good care,