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Right Wing Traitors and Saboteurs

I found this on The New Enlightenment
It's worth reading
Rob Kall , OpEdNews.com

Ann Coulter says we progressives and liberals on the left are traitors. That started things off and now, in the right wing blogs and forums they're all saying it.

But there's another way to look at treachery, traitors and selling out your country.

The people who try to silence dissent, and people who disagree are violating one of the most prized rights of this country.

The people who spew hate, who label different thinkers as traitors, are the real traitors to this country's principles of freedom.

The people who support corporations over people are selling out humanity, not just national traitors, because they support rights and protections for inhuman corporations, these people are traitors to humanity.

When we look at the leadership of the military, under Rumsfeld, we find a batch of men who all have close ties to Israel, who look out for Israel's interests at disproportionate levels.

Too many of the leaders in the defense department have previous ties to the defense industry. This is incestuous.

When a traitor pretends he is a patriot, he's called a mole. That's what right wing, corporation loving, constitutional rights trashing extremists are doing when they wrap their policies and politics in the flag.

Just look at one of the main policies of the far right-- get rid of government. The government is the US and the people. By weakening it, starving it, these right wing traitors are doing what they can to destroy the means we have to protect the commons-- environment, energy, infrastructure, education, healthcare, parks, transportation....

Osama Bin Laden may have attacked some big buildings, killing a few thousand people, but Big business destroys thousands, no, millions of acres of land, skies full of atmosphere, hundreds of thousands of lives. And the right wingers who sell their souls to the lobbyists who push the corporate special interests are the mole traitors who sell out our country for the lobbyists.

Then we have the chickenhawks who advocate war, but were gutless avoiders of service when it was their turn. These cowards are happy to send poor minority members who signed up for educational opportunities. They are happy to extend their stays in Iraq. It's not that different from trying to squeeze more work for less money out of workers, like the recent efforts to get rid of some categories of overtime pay attempt.

Terrorists may have attacked some hotels and embassies in Africa and the middle east, in their efforts to put fear into Americans, but the Bush presidency has worked hard to build up the level of fear, to keep Americans on edge, in a perpetual state of post traumatic stress. These leaders are worse than the fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.

These patterns are nothing new. The far right, in colonial times, maintained their loyalties to the British King, to the business opportunities they had there.

Some of you will remember that an issue of John F. Kennedy's presidential candidacy was his Catholic religion. People raised concerns that his religion would affect his leadership. Now we have a president who hears God talking to him, telling him what to do. When I worked in the psychiatric hospital we called these people paranoid schizophrenics and put them on thorazine and Haldol. Then again, Bush has that glazed look like he may already be on something like them. There's no doubt that before the needs of US citizens, Bush worries about what his religious beliefs tell him.

On the rare occasion when a usually gutless, coward right wing traitor accuses you, or liberals of being traitors, don't bother arguing. But know in your heart that these sellouts are the real traitors. They are the people who are taking America along a dangerous path that is trashing its most precious values and rights. Know that soon, there will be investigations into voting fraud. And ah yes, these right wing traitors are not exactly making any noise about fixing the problems with voting. There's an understandable silence there. The Republicans would not have the majority in the Senate, would not be in the white house, and might not even be the majority in the house of representatives. Traitors who subvert or corrupt elections should be given life in prison with no parole. This is one of the most vile forms of sabotaging democracy.

Over the years I've tried to figure out what makes a person become a right winger, a fascist traitor, but the roots of their traitorous, unAmerican behavior are not important. What is important is that we start calling a spade a spade and getting the word out that they are traitors, they are not "good" Americans. We have to take back America, take back our patriotism, our causes, the values of the founding fathers. We cannot allow the values of the KKK and neonazis, of extremist fundamentalist Christians become the way of the land.

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truth telling 12.Aug.2003 00:20

republic of cascadia citizen

the author of the above article is not completely coherent sometimes, but it is nonetheless a decent read. it is reminding us that all we have is the truth as we see it. we need to keep perspective and follow our hearts. we need to be brutally honest with ourselves and those we love. the right wing sheeple have always been there. germany had an entire nation of "good germans" during the third reich. but we must speak our own truth with courage and conviction. the blood spell that our nation is under will one day be broken and the pendulum will swing back.

this above all: to thine own self be true!

Pathetic Liberals 12.Aug.2003 04:58

Why Liberals are Scum

This article is a prime example of why Liberals and phony Progressives of all kinds are fundamentally no different than the Right Wingers they love to bicker with.

The only that rejoinder that White Liberals like this Rob Kall have in response to Right Wing American nationalism is to offer their own version of Liberal American nationalism. Either way, however, American nationalism is reactionary to the core in whatever political form it comes in.

Rob Kall apparently is so afraid of being labeled a traitor by Right Wingers that he never questions whether his American Empire deserves any loyalty to begin with.

Personally, I think that being a traitor to America is a good thing--for the reason that America has never represented anything but lies, death, and destruction DISGUISED BEHIND THE MASK OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

Whine all you want, Rob. Maybe if you wave your flag and sing "God Bless America" loud enough, those Right Wingers won't call you nasty names any more. LOL.

you would have koffe anan running this country! 16.Sep.2003 16:27

hater of liberal elite

you people would sell out america & its allies with your lack of honor so fuck off you hedonist scum wad