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Peace Camp News. Peace camp blues.

Accross from city hall.
I was on my way to leave the display area accross from city hall. I forgot my coat, and went back to get it. I noticed two officers were talking to a friend of mine.
From what I was told, he had handed out a flier to a passing car. The federal authorities had been called by a security guard, who had seen my friend hand out a flier to a passing car. I was told by regulars at the Peace Event that the security guard had told the car to move along. Supposedly the security guard then told my friend to the When I arrived to retrieve my coat, I saw that two officers from the Federal Protective Services were talking with my friend.

My friend had taken exception with being told to move along, and the Federal Officers had been called. The incident was recorded on video camera, so I will not go into details. The one of the officers said O.K. and started to leave. My friend asked twice if everything was O.K. One of the officers said loudly, "Hey, lets not get sarcastic." I didn't notice a particularly sarcastic tone in my friends voice, but the officer interpreted it otherwise.

Well, I was pretty frustrated by then so I snaped back: "It's pretty hard to keep from being sarcastic under the circumstances."

I would hope the authorities could come to some clear idea of how the rules are enforced. It seems chaotic to me. How is a citizen supposed to know how to act?