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Salt Lake City Gives Cheney a **Hot** Welcome

Activists in Salt Lake City, Utah welcomed Cheney with chants, signs and cheers (of the radical kind) on August 4th.
A photo essay can be viewed at:

Bravo, SLC! 11.Aug.2003 08:23


What lovely pictures! Thanks!

(Folks with dial-up connections should be aware that there are dozens of photos on the site, and download is l-o-o-o-o-n-g. But it really is a nice "photo album.")

Props to SLC, but... 11.Aug.2003 10:06

Gilligan Syland

...WHAT THE HELL IS CHENEY AFRAID OF? What I ask you: WHAT about the visit of one fat old white man to Utah necessitates the small army of local law enforcement guarding him...unless Cheney is afraid of his fellow citizens. It's shameful and cowardly. Neither Bush nor Cheney will appear before a crowd unless it has been vetted for checkbooks or there's an evening news sound bite in it. Even Reagan spent more time with his people. Bush and Cheney are cowards...fucking shameful cowards.