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99 red baloons for bush?

I was thinking about handing out 99 red balloons to the Bush party, thought it would make an intresting statement. What do you guys think?
I was thinking about handing out 99 red balloons to the Bush party, thought it would make an intresting statement. What do you guys think?
99 Red Balloons 11.Aug.2003 03:54

99 Luftballoons

Wasn't that the name of a pop song from the 1980s by the German pop group Nena?

99 Luftballons.. la la la la....

99 luftballoons 11.Aug.2003 12:54


nena did 99 luftballoons, but that doesn't translate to red ballons. Goldfinger did an english language cover of the song and used "red balloons" to in the chorus to give it the same feel...

In any case, what particular statement are you hoping to make by handing out 99 red ballons? It sounds like a good idea to me even if it has no specific purpose, but if it does i would like to know...

I 'members that song 11.Aug.2003 19:41

Mulberry Sellers

"99 Red Balloons" was the title of the English version of "99 Luftballons"; both were released by Nena (in fact, the 12" single version had the English on one side and the German version on the other.

In the U.S., the English version didn't hit the radio until after the German version had gotten quite a bit of airplay, and this actually increased the impact of this tale of toy helium balloons, released into the sky, drifting unexpectedly onto radar screens and setting off World War III. I can still recall how my own impressions developed with repeated exposures to the song:

"That's funny, this song is even more unintelligible than "Louie, Louie". What's up with that?"

"Ohh, its in German. That explains why it sounds familiar but I can't understand it."

"What's up with all the mushroom-cloud explosions in the video?"

"Did she just say "fliegerstaffel" and "kriegsminister"? This is mighty disturbing. What's this about, anyway?"

By the time the English version hit the airwaves, the sheer creepiness of the situation envisaged in the song was considerably enhanced.

There are two problems I can see with your proposed symbolic balloon-handing-out: first, the only people who are likely to get the reference without an explanation are those who were in the twenty-something range back in the early '80s, i.e., us forty-somethings today, second, how are the recipients to know that you're handing out 99 balloons? Are they to get together and tally them up, or would you label each balloon with something like "this balloon is #14 of 99" ?

It's a neat concept, but IMHO just a wee bit too arch.

Balloons and Purpose 12.Aug.2003 12:15


I think the balloon thing is only a good idea if they are then suspended in the air at just the right altitude to prevent the landing of any helicopters in the area....