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Portland Says NO to Bush August 21st @10am, Columbia Park at Lombard

A demonstration against Bush August 21st at 10am at Columbia Park at Lombard
Bush is coming to town! Lets show him that we aren't willing to take the oppression that he is willing to endorse and continue to perpetuate. This is a demonstration for all views and tactics, come one and all political view points. This is a time for people who are angry at bush, thats most of us, to vent their frustration and anger in a productive way. We are meeting at Columbia Park at Lombard at 10am on August 21st. We will be moving from there to meet bush and his donors and tell them PORTLAND SAYS NO TO BUSH!

For more information about this demonstration please contact the email below.
Please put this as a feature! 10.Aug.2003 22:17

countzero stopbushaug21@poetic.com countzero@riseup.net portlandsaysnotobus@ziplip.com

Please put this as a feature.
So far it is this is the first concrete time we have released for the protest.
PPRC is still working on a permited march from Columbia park to UofP but this is what we have set as the place and date/time at the last organizing meeting for the Bush protest.
For more info contact  stopbushaug21@poetic.com or  portlandsaysnotobush@ziplip.com.
Please start putting this on flyers and for god sakes bump this into a feature-people need a time and place!