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Mispelled werrd.
On the calender you spelled "Führer" incorrectly. Unless of course you mean that he will be in "furor" over all of the Portlanders who will show up to tell him that he eats the fat one.
Thanks 12.Aug.2003 11:57


Thanks for the very politely worded message about the misspelled word. (By the way, I think misspelled has two s's, but not sure.) It's cool that you're trying to be helpful. I just wanted to add a thought, but not to dis your message. For the most part, this site functions as long as people know what other people mean. Getting out the red pen to correct grammar and spelling can be a way to intimidate and silence people who may have great things to say, but just might not be able to spell. Many people don't have the resources for a top notch education, so this can sometimes even be classist. Often, correcting spelling or grammar is done by people who disagree with what the person is saying, and rather than disagreeing they just get all superior and point out the "errors."

Again, please don't think I'm reading anything like that into your message, as I said, it was very polite. But I do want to explain to anyone who reads this that you may read other people's posts on this site, and notice something weird with the spelling or the grammar. Rather than jumping in to correct it, ridiculing it, or ignoring it because it wasn't polished enough, try to hear what the person is saying. It doesn't matter if people conform to some arbitrary standard as long as people know what you're saying. (Spelling, for example, changes all the time. We spell things differently now than they did a few centuries ago.)